My youngest grand-girl has very strong emotions… she saw one of those SPCA commercials.   Post by Ashley Gaskamp Kokemoor. Like this:Like Loading…

My Word!

Before digging in I need to let you know that I am having a few keyboard issues…. I have a number of keys not working that can be critical: question mark, arrows, a few of the numbers, and the letter that comes after “y” when singing the alphabet. Here I am, raising my head up […]

A Breathtaking Tale

I have been thinking about the best way for me to write this. It’s a hard tale to tell. I get overly emotional just thinking about it. I know I will leave lots of details out. There is so much to the story. So much…. Warning: this tale is peppered with f-bombs and other bad […]

The Face of Trigeminal Neuralgia

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