Apr 122014

I can’t remember where I read it but somewhere something/one said that people with round faces should wear rectangular shaped eye glasses so as to make the face look less round. So for the past 4-5 years I have stuck with that idea. Now, it’s important to note that I have a small face.. in width I mean. My eyes are sort of close set and my face is short. Typically, children’s glasses fit me better than those of the adult variety. And children’s frames it was until the unfortunate time came for trifocals. Lenses in children’s frames just aren’t big enough for trifocals. Bleh.

Back to adult frames… rectangular in shape. Bottom line, what I’m really getting at is that glasses pretty much stick out from the sides of my head. The frames are about 1- 1 1/2 inches too wide – on each side of my face. The effect is stupid. Not slimming or fashionable at all. Just stupid.

I can’t remember for certain but I think I mentioned my visit to the new eye doctor a few weeks back. The one who figured out I don’t actually have glaucoma. The one who spent a great deal of time working at an MS eye research institute. I was blessed to get his name from a friend. Anyhoo…

The new spectacles finally arrived. I love them! First of all, they are NOT rectangles. They are more oval… about the shape of my eyes. They are rimless which is super fabulous. Lightweight frames… those in the flexible category. And I don’t look as if I’m a bug-eyed freak hiding behind huge glasses and shaggy hair -

 (debating bangs or no bangs so for now I have what I like to call curtains hanging over my forehead)

The new spectacles finally arrive. I love them! It’s such a wonderful feeling to see the world clearly again. I’m not sure but I would guess that my clarity is not what true clarity is…but hey, it’s more clear than I can remember things being in a very long time!

It’s such a wonderful feeling to see the world clearly again. I’m not sure but I would guess that my clarity is not what true clarity is…but hey, it’s more clear than I can remember things being in a very long time!

Not much else going on in this part of the world. Work, sleep, eat… that’s about it for me. The occasional baseball game but the season is just about kaput… one more game. Poor Coach though. No real break for him. They step right into spring football. It’s really lousy to call it SPRING football however. Spring is long gone down here near the equator.

Naptime for me… hope all is well out there!

Apr 012014

A while back I ordered My MSYoga Video from Biogen… one of those free videos they mail out in an effort to make us feel better. I liken it to the boobie prize for having to take some toxic poisonous methyl ethyl bad stuff that’s supposed to help the beast within that’s slowly knocking us to the ground. Boobie prize.

Coach & I inserted the DVD the other night to give it a go. We lasted about 12 minutes. Coach recovered in about 30 minutes… I recovered by the next morning. That shit is hard!

I love it that the weather lady, Lisa Villegas, gives us hair advice each morning. She lets the women of the RGV know if it’s a hair up or down kinda day.

Summer is here.

I tried out a new eye doctor a few weeks ago. I really had no faith in the one I saw last year. She told me I had glaucoma. At first, I was scared and thinking “What the hell! What else can go wrong?” Then I settled down and started doing some research. I didn’t use the medication prescribed – no faith. I had to wait to see a new eye doctor due to insurance who dictates how many times a year I can visit the eye doctor. Anyway, this year I went to a new guy who came highly recommended by a friend. As it turns out, he spent a great deal of time at an MS Eye Research facility. I don’t have glaucoma. My optic nerve is fine… people with MS are prone to having higher ocular pressure but no glaucoma. I’m sure glad I didn’t take those meds… could’ve made no problem a big problem!

My vision has changed a bit… I have become more farsighted in the past year. Meh.

While eating at Logan’s the other night, Coach & I noticed a woman walking through the restaurant heading to her table. What was noticeable was the amount of cleavage and boob she was displaying. She runneth over.

Coach let me know I had cleavage showing. I checked… a whoppin 1/2 inch. That ain’t nothin!

There’s not much lift or separation in the ol’ hangers these days, but I’ve got cleavage to the belly button!

Mar 122014

· The people who are in charge of the marketing campaigns for new television shows are really good at their jobs. I hope they are paid top rate. I have seen more than a few commercials for television programs that looked really good….. but then, when I take time out of my evening to watch one, I end up miserably disappointed in the crap emitting from my television set.

· Do you ever get involved in a story – book, TV series, movie – and find yourself pulling for the bad guys? Currently, we are involved in a very good series and I feel so guilty! I empathize much too much with the main characters who happen to be the bad guys. The Americans is the show. Set during the Cold War, two KGB spies posing as a married couple and living as Americans…. They have 2 kids born in the US. The husband wants to defect and become American. The wife is very loyal to Russia….but I think she’s beginning to change her mind. Their kids have NO idea their parents are KGB. And… their next door neighbor is an FBI agent hunting KGB spies. Oh the twists and turns the story takes!

· There have been some days that required me to get to work about 2 hours early. Ah the joys of fire drills for all shifts!

· I made my drill plan for the year.

· 46

· That’s the number of scheduled drills. There will be more than that though. After a drill I write an after action report that includes strengths and areas that need improvement. Then a corrective action plan is written for those things needing improvement. I create activities to do with the staff like training and such…. Then a deadline is set to re-drill and measure the response for improvement.

· Remember the days when a drill was just a drill? The climate of the world has changed all that.

· Most of the reports are tied to money… grants and the like. So they have to be done. When the surveyors from various regulating agencies come for a visit I have to show the documentation. CMS (Medicare/Medicaid), Joint Commission, and etc.

· Job security.

· Our precious Queen Beulah is getting old on us. I think she’s losing her vision. She has a sort of foggy haze in her eyes… cataracts me thinks. Poor girl.

· It’s just about bedtime. Sleep tight!

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