May 262011

a blog friend over at Kaleidoscope Muff posted something this morning that made me stop and think… her post was one of those email jokes going around but it made me stop and go “hmmm”

when I lived out in Cali, back in my previous life, I lived in a hotel for about 3 months… it was pretty cool….. I had no worries… I paid by the week… continental breakfast, kitchenette, and many restaurants right around the hotel… not a bad way to go… and it was cheaper than paying rent/utilities on an apartment (plus I didn’t have to pay first month, last month and security deposit – and no credit check required)….. all in all, it could be a decent way to live

not too much has been happening this week…. work…. and let me tell you, work is crazy. the students go nutso when it gets this close to the end of the school year… which in turn keeps us ultra busy!

Somerville…. Somerville…. Somerville…. come on everyone…let’s chant now….

Somerville is a good possiblity.. I hope I didn’t jinx it by saying that…. it would be nice to go there… close to “home”, my old job awaits me there if I want it…. close to the kiddo and her family….. I could see the grandgirls more often! and Dad & Mom2 are there as well…. not in Somerville but they are all about 10 miles away… and Coach’s Mom too….

and just look at that BIG OL LAKE!

the disadvantage is that it’s not near Mom and Dad2… and they need us right now…. and we would love to live at the coast… that ol salt air….

I’m working wonky hours lately…. days, evenings, swing shift, days…. but that’s okay… I’ve been feeling pretty okay the past few days… have even forgone the Adderall since Saturday… amazing but true!

stop reading here if you are easily offended
(that statement just makes you want to read on doesn’t it? ha)

ingrown hairs… I hate them… with a passion… those suckers HURT… and they make these huge underground zit-like whelps that are o so uncomfortable….

and when you get them in areas unmentionable…man o man….

add to that 2 tummies making it near impossible to be the contortionist that is required to take care of these unseemly suckers… well, it all equates to misery….

I thought of having Coach take a look and try to fix the situation, but somehow that just didn’t seem right….

so I guess it’s out with the little mirror, flashlight… and contortionist acrobatics …

and that’s all I’m gonna say about that…. ha

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