May 102011

I subscribe to a magazine that sends out links to daily articles… it’s a Buddhist based magazine and the articles are generally about separating mind and body. Hard thing to do. We tend to feel that our body is who we are… but in most all religions this is not what is taught. In most religions, the body is seen as a vessel carrying the soul or the essence of a person. So how does that concept fit in with MS , or any other chronic illness? Or pain? or Obesity? Or any other affliction of the body?

This morning an article came to me that addresses that…. For most it may be a bit esoteric…but if you read with an open mind then you may be able to gain something from this…. I hope you can… I’m trying….

May 10, 2011
Tricycle Daily Dharma

You Are Not Your Body

You have to examine your pain very carefully to see that it’s not really you that’s hurting. The disease isn’t your disease. It’s a disease of the body, a disease of physical form. Physical form and mental events have to change; you must focus on them as they appear to you, watch them, and contemplate them in their most elemental components. A clear insight into the nature of physical forms and mental events will release you from all suffering and stress.


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