Mar 022011

i feel guilty… i haven’t been lurking around here as much the past several days… i guess you already know that though… the you tube videos are kind of a give-a-way ha!

we have been so freakin’ busy! here’s a sample of our week:

  • Monday – football practice
  • Tuesday -Soccer game (7:45…late game ugh)
  • Wednesday -football practice
  • Thursday- soccer game (ugh again for the late game)
  • Friday – soccer game (yeah, ugh)
  • Saturday morning – soccer game (early! after a late game the night before -double UGH)
  • Saturday night  – football game – and when you consider travel & prep time it’s like a 12 hour event
  • Sunday afternoon – review film from previous night’s football game
  • Monday – see above
  • Tuesday – see above
  • etc…..

unbelievable ain’t it? and we don’t have children at home playing sports or anything… this is all COACH’s shit… holy hell! pre-MS i would’ve tagged along to all of those above listed things… but these days i just can’t keep up… so i figured out that i can go for 2 days, rest for 1, then go for 2 more, then rest…. and what’s not on the list? work, groceries, laundry, school (starts again for me tomorrow), relaxation time, zentangles (important), house cleaning….. wow


so i read this funny ass joke today … ready?  ok…. how many charlie sheen’s does it take to change a light bulb?  guess…. go ahead

none. we all live in his light….   ha! boo… bad joke i know… tasteless

but who can help it? he put so much garbage out there yesterday… adonis DNA? rocket fuel on his ding-ding? he closed his eyes and healed himself? what.ever.

pure entertainment though… i have to admit… i watched what i could (i was at work) and i followed the twitter trending too… i’m a sucker… yes, i am… go ahead.. you can tell me…

working on a requested tangle for a internet friend… pretty cool! i never thought of anyone asking me to make a special one… i’ll let you guys know how it looks in a day or so…

the mess that is my mind

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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