Apr 042012

… about my health…or more accurately, about my beast…

i’m not sure…all i can tell you is that for me, it’s important to get the crap out of my head. when i don’t, it sits up in there and festers…. and that’s no bueno at all. when it festers i lose my sanity… my balance… my center… so i dump it out here…

writing is something that i’ve always done. i’ve always kept journals in one form or another. for as long as i can remember. i love paper and ink… actually, i must admit to a pretty severe pen fetish… eek! don’t tell…

i started this blog back in the harsh cold winter of ’09… pft… probably wasn’t so harsh and cold but it sounds good ha!… i was diagnosed in the blasted hot-as-hades summer of ’10… so the writing was in place and i just sort of started dumping the MS junk here. i’ve fought to not let this become a blog about nothing but my MS… i mean really, who wants to sit around and read horribly sad and self-centered prose about my problems? ok, well maybe some do… and i suppose that having a blog is sort of being self-centered since, you know, i write about myself.

but what i have found out in the past 18 months is that what i’ve been writing has been well received… much more than i would’ve thought. i don’t think of myself as an advocate, a health writer, an inspiration, or any of those other sorts of things. heck, i rarely even edit what i’ve written… i’m sure that shows ha! i don’t really sit down with a topic in mind most of the time… what i do is just start typing and see what happens… no real format to what i’m doing here…

so basically, i write because it saves me. it gives me an outlet to say what i need to, try to make some sense out of what’s going on in my noggin, and maybe gain a bit o’ perspective… i don’t know how well it’s working…. what i do know is that i’m addicted and i want you all to read… i want comments and interaction… i want praise and glory haha not really… i’m just being an ass…

i’ve thought of doing a site that’s dedicated strictly to ms and the research and the bullshit that they shove down our throats in an effort to perpetuate some sort of hope in all of us sicklings… but i really don’t think that would be much fun. in fact, i think i would really become quite resentful and angry… and i don’t want to feel like that…

so to summarize things- i write because it’s fun, because i have found some folks that i really like, and because it helps me to keep all my marbles polished and shiny… okay… well at least the marbles i have left are polished and shiny

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I recently am getting back to my blog because I realize how helpful it can be to just get things off your chest. Even if no one else reads it, it is therapeutic. But, it’s so much better when someone reads it lol.

    • Hi Christina! So glad you are back… I was just thinking of you recently and wondered how you are doing…. thanks so much for stopping by!

      and writing… for me it’s a huge help… and if no one reads it i’m okay with that… but you are right more fun and helpful if there is interaction

      Hope all is well with you!

  2. Sherri, I must admit that I become a bit melancholy on the days that my inbox does not contain an email with the subject line, “a new post from my messy mind”, not because I find joy in the sufferings of others, but rather because I find strength in watching a dear friend in her fight against an ugly disease and you tell such comical stories that I find laughter there as well. I hope that it helps you to know that I’m here for you and I try to send an encouraging word now and again to let you know you’re not alone in this fight.

    • melancholy? oh my! lol

      it does always help me to know that i have you in my corner… you are such a good friend and i can’t tell you how blessed i feel to have you in my life

  3. Yeah, those marbles… they need to be shined. Ask anyone. Ask Coach. He’ll tell you, “You’re right Sherri, and my marbles could use a good shining right about now.”

    Oh, and you DO want praise and glory. Yes, you do. So don’t be an ass about saying so, or don’t say so. Hell, we ALL want validation, don’t we? Else why do it in a public forum? Let’s get out those spiral notebooks.

    • haha yes, our egos like to be stroked… every one of us… even when we say we are selfless and that our ego is not in the forefront of what we do…

      such pretty marbles i have 🙂

  4. Sometimes no longer having all my marbles is a bonus. I can reread murder mysteries because I don’t remember who died much less who killed them. And, entirely appropriate to the season – I can hide my own Easter eggs.

    • i’ve often thought that losing marbles might not be such a bad thing… when i look around at the folks who have very few of them, well, somehow they seem to be happier than the rest of us…

      i hope you find your eggs! if not, in a few weeks you can just follow the smell… unless of course you plastic eggs… if that’s the case, Easter could last a while

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