Dec 062012

I think that maybe, just maybe, I’m beginning to kick this cold/cough thing. During the 10+ days that I’ve been inflicted with the virus, I came to a conclusion – maybe more than 1 conclusion but I can only think of one right now. Anyway, that conclusion… I’m a big cough syrup person and I prefer the type that has the decongestant along with a cough suppressant. My conclusion is that they need to add a whiz suppressant as well – or maybe a cough syrup special. The special would be a bottle of cough suppressant shrink wrapped up next to a package of Poise. It makes perfect sense to me. I’m not sure if cough-whiz-cough-whiz is inherent to MS or not but I think this idea of mine could benefit many.

The past few days I’ve been rather busy. I’ve been building a database for the football program at Coach’s school. They have so many different documents, spreadsheets, contact/information sheets that are spread out in binders, computer files on this computer or that computer, some in this office, or maybe down the hall in so & so’s office. The database will have all that information in one nice, neat location. Eventually I hope the IT folks will be able to create a shared drive for the coaches and the database can live there. I’ve been having fun with this project. My brain has been working fairly well – there’s been a few glitches and moments of confusion but not many.

My diet continues to go well… I can’t believe it. I’ve dropped 16 pounds… only 36 more to go to hit my goal weight. The blood sugar continues to hold steady. Thank goodness! Maybe in a few months I’ll be less tick like and feel a bit better about my appearance. I’m sort of tired of being confused with the Michelin Tire Man…

We continue to live in a state of brokedness… total and complete lack of money which means that dinner has gotten to be a creative endeavor. Tonight I made something that turned out pretty good. I had some left over wheat pasta, some white rice, bell pepper, onion, tomato, chicken, butter, and various seasonings. I chopped up the veggies and sautéed them in butter with some pepper, garlic, and a dash of Tony’s… I tossed in the chicken chunks and steamed the rice. It was served over pasta for me and rice for Coach. Yum! I can’t believe it turned out so good. I’m not much in the kitchen but I’m learning… thank goodness Coach is pretty easy going about food. I think as long as it’s hot and looks edible, he’s good.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Your dinner sounded delicious!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you! The only problem is that I can’t figure out where the weight came off … what body part. They all seem to be the same size to me… well, except maybe my ankles. I can see my ankle bones now.. .and my toes look more like toes rather than little sausages haha

  3. The coughing and peeing thing? Happens even to younger women. My daughter was suffering from that affliction not so long ago and she’s only 19.
    I prefer a cough syrup with a narcotic in it. Drift away all warm and snuggly and not coughing? Bliss.

    Good for you on the weight loss… I get to start that right after the 1st of the year, choosing a weekend that has at least three days so I can get through the sugar withdrawals while I am not trying to work.

    • I hate the sugar/carb withdrawal. I did a tapering off for the first few days and it actually worked. I didn’t have the horrid headache or crabbiness LOL

      I love some good ol Tussinex with a smidge of codeine 🙂

  4. Great food invention! Congrats on the continued weight loss. Maybe your riches lie in wait as you get ready to patent the Cough Whiz syrup! Be careful of too many decongestants — they can make your BP shoot up!

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if there were such a thing LOL

      I don’t take to much decongestant exactly for the BP issue… I mostly use it at night when I tend to cough the most. I guess the laying down thing makes the cough so much worse…

  5. Cough – whiz, laugh – whiz. Joy and bliss. Not.
    Congratulations on the weight loss. That is truly amazing. The incredible shrinking woman.

  6. Maybe the IT folks could upload your spreadsheet to a file sharing site and share that information with those who would need to access it. Actually that was DH’s suggestion, I was thinking of using a thumb drive or something like it.

    Now, Cough-whiz should be marketable to the entire menopausal set, wouldn’t you think?

    Your dinner sounds good. Congrats on the weight loss! It seems to n=be just dropping off you! Amazing. (This one is jealous.) Keep up the good work. BTW, how tall are you?

    • That’s actually something I have considered… a file sharing site. The only hitch is that the database contains lots of confidential info about juveniles…. eek! I’m certain that there must be someone in the IT department who has the knowledge to create a shared drive… there must be…

      I’m 5’7… with a medium frame… I’ve always been quite muscular and amazingly the muscles are in good shape…

  7. Cough-whiz…hahaha. I can relate, ‘cept I whiz without the cough, and even more so with the cough! Congrats on the weight loss! Poverty creates the best cooks, you have to be inventive with next to nothing! Sounds like you are doing just that!

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