Sep 102011

this morning i wrote of the things i like to get done on saturday’s…. alas, it didn’t work out that way today….

let’s see…. i woke up at 7 in the AM as coach was leaving for work… yes work… they practice and break down film on saturdays… all day long… bless his heart

i managed to stay up til about 10 in the AM when my body just gave out… as did my eyes, my brain, and my gumption… so i figured i would take a little nap…

little my ass… i woke up at freakin 2 in the PM!! holy shit…. this day is blown lol

i got dressed and made it over to the feed store to buy hay… they actually had some today… but sheesh they are really raising the prices! $10.75 a freakin bale! i hope the pampered pony manages to nibble it and make it last…

i got back home and sat outside with queen beulah for a bit… coach made it home a bit after 5 in the PM…. then it was naptime AGAIN… i got up about 15 minutes ago… yes …. 8 in the PM!!!!

so let’s see…

wake: 7-10, 2-6ish

asleep: 10-2, 6ish-8

what a waste of a beautiful day off!

i suppose the fatigue has to catch up with me at some point.. meds only keep me going so long before there is a crash n burn… bleh

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  5 Responses to “where did the gumption go? it’s not around here in my house at all today”

  1. Think of it like this, at least you were off! You could have been at work!

  2. Sounds like your body knew what it needed. You have been pushing it for a while. It still sucks though to use your day off that way.

    • you are so right… it has been a crazy few months… the sad thing is that there is no slowing down in the near future… all i can say is UGH

  3. I felt the same way today…I took two naps, each like 3 hours.

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