Oct 072010

holy hell.

still no answers.

sort of. ok, well not real answers yet.

the neuro doc started out showing me the mri of my neck. what the hell happened to my neck? he said “did you fall off a horse?” ha! nope. my whole neck is jacked up… there is herniation in one disk, bulging in another, jagged edges on the others…and the band that lies between the vertebrae and the spinal cord is pushed to a new location from the bulging/herniation stuff. good news is that none of this affects my spinal cord…for now. no compression on the cord at all. oh and there is no weirdo cyst there either…(that was a possibility)

the brain… he started out telling me what a good looking brain i’ve got…. i must say it was pretty – filled up my whole head perfectly… the swirls and squiggles were a nice pattern too…very artistic looking. so now on to the lesions… did you read about them yesterday? if not you can do that here if you want to…

out of all of the spots, there is one he is concerned about … it’s near the cerebral cortex. the others are mild he says… now i don’t know about you, but spots on my good looking brain don’t sound normal or mild to me…but ok, he’s the neuro doc. the one lesion appears to be MS but – here’s the contradiction – the symptoms i’m having don’t match the spot… one more confirmation of my “uniqueness”.

what’s next you might ask?

another ride in the mri machine… this time he’s going farther down my spine to the thoracic region… fun. and more lab work… i think i’ll have to give them a few pints of blood based on the number of tests he’s ordered.

and the coup de tat? the one thing i did NOT want…

Lumbar Puncture….

lovely. smashing. i think i need to get drunk now.

we are still several weeks away from knowing what is truly wrong with me….

although the neuro doc says it’s most likely a MILD case of MS (yea!)… he will treat it aggressively and he doesn’t think i will ever even end up in a wheelchair… yippee!! back-flips (if i could actually do them)! thank you Lord… all those prayers have paid off!!

** and i’m very frustrated. i wanted answers, TODAY. i want to know what is wrong and i want to start doing whatever i have to do to make it better. i don’t want to sit around and let things progress. i want action. i know, i know…. these things take time and all the tests are going to help neuro doc figure out what’s going on. but shit. 

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “where are my answers? i want to know…”

  1. Hi Sherri,
    Well, I just got a note from the Feel Better Fairies and they say you are doing splendidly and have such a great humor and smile. They say you are doing amazing! I hope you have a very relaxing weekend and say hi to the fairies for me….hugs, Rosanna Ps, did you ever get the journal?

    • I think the fairies are doing an excellent job! Over the past 3 days or so I have been feeling pretty good. A few little symptoms but nothing like it was…. thanks for sending them!

      And I did get the journal…come to think of it, I received it 3 days ago!!

  2. Shoot I typed a perfectly worded comment hit the wrong button on this iPhone and it was gone!! I had all the answers and POOF !! Gone!!
    Pour two stiff cocktails and you and coach call it a good day… Maybe a nice visit to a chiropractor would do your neck some good….can’t tell you how much he has helped after my surgery…he even helped Trapper who has herniated discs in lower back.
    In the meantime, I’ll be praying for some extra patience for you both 🙂

    • i can’t believe you lost all the answers!! LOL

      we are going pretty nutso right now. it’s not even about the MS or the neck or anything else…it’s about the answers …. i don’t know what answers exactly… i mean, we know i have MS… and i know most of my anxiety is over the dang LUMBAR PUNCTURE… just the words are scary!

  3. Wow. I hate that you have to wait so long. It sounds like most of what he was able to tell you right now was “relatively” good news. I am glad of that! We’ll continue to pray for you & your “team” (docs, family…) as you wait for answers.

    • thanks! i just made my appt for the dreaded procedure… and you won’t believe this…. the first opening with the specific doctor he requested is friday october 22nd!!!! holy cow!!

  4. No advice here for you–BUT I COULD!!! Remembering my cancer, I actually said out loud, “God, whatever is going on, I’m not praying for myself, but for these three doctors!” And I was and AM so grateful for a machine–new in Naples at that time–called CYBERKNIFE!.

    Main thing though it was one of those FEW times I just left it in God’s hands, and went on about my daily business of getting well…

    This maybe will not seem like help for you, but Iyou are on my ‘prayer list’.


    • thanks so much steveroni… i’m doing my very best to let it go and give it all to God. I know that I will be fine. One way or the other… I just really hate the waiting part. I mean, really, let’s get on with it already LOL I have been praying for myself and my family… I must start praying for the doctor’s too!

      And it is a huge help hearing from you and knowing I’ve made it onto another prayer list… I will take all the blessings and prayers and good thoughts I can get!

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