Jan 232011
  • thanks to all of you who responded to my questions! it is a wonderful help and my project is going to turn out nicely. i’ll post the completed stuff when it’s completed…kinda boring before that point ha
  • coach & i had “date night” last night… ate out at chili’s (2 for $20)… love the honey chipolte chicken crisper thingys…
  • side order that comes with is corn on the cob and fries… and let me tell you, the corn on the cob at chili’s is fab-u-lous!
  • and juicy
  • so juicy in fact that i bit into the delicious junk and a stream of corn juice squirt on coach and behind him to the next table! like a water gun stream! HA!!
  • the restaurant was so freakin’ loud… huge baby shower there… who has a baby shower at chili’s on a saturday night? people in east austin….that’s who
  • and big huge birthday parties too… it was crowded and loud…
  • the party seated near us (extra loud) finally packed up and left…. ah peace!
  • for 5 minutes peace… the next party came in…. really? about 8 very loud, very smelly people…
  • 5 women, 5 fragrances… and they were each dipped in a vat of the shit i think
  • very over whelming
  • the guy sitting behind coach pushed his booth back… skinny little nothing of a guy….
  • coach is a big guy… and had no room…. his plate was being embedded into to his gut while he ate
  • skinny guy was alone when we got there….before we left though he had 3 different dinner companions… what the hell?
  • coach met someone yesterday….
  • no worries!
  • it was a photographer at the soccer showcase… his brother works in orange grove – as a coach!
  • they talked… photo dude told coach to send him his resume… he’s gonna make a call
  • gotta love making contacts
  • we are now chanting “orange grove, orange grove, orange grove”  come on everybody, join in!
  • i had an mri tuesday… my veins are crap
  • they injected the methyl ethyl contrast shit into my wrist…. and my wrist still hurts! and i’m sportin’ a big knot on top
  • kinda hard to see it in this pick…even with the cute arrow i put there 😉
  • our school district is suffering…. 300 RIFS at the secondary school coming up…. 50 RIFS at elementary schools…. 1/3 of the librarians district wide…
  • and they are talking about closing 9 schools too
  • there are some pissed off people out there
  • we are very top heavy… high dollar top heavy… consolidate the admin folks!
  • and campus admin? who needs 4 or 5 or 6 assistant principals?
  • and are those people going to teach when they RIF 350 teachers? doubt it
  • we have no tax monies to help education, but we have tax money to build an F1 track?
  • been trying those zentangle things…without really knowing how to do them…so i guess i’ve been more doodling
  • and this is the view from my windshield the other morning
  •  January 23, 2011
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