Dec 202010

I have 5 year old twin granddaughters who are Christians. I have told them that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ. It is important to remember this. While it is fun and exciting to open presents, sing fun songs, and have all the nice lights/decorations around, it is still about Christ.

My daughter has been great about keeping her children involved in the church. They have a very good foundation of Christ in their lives. In fact, this very night, they are participating in the annual live nativity scene on their church lawn. They have done this every years since their first…that first year the were rotated in and out of the manger as baby Jesus.

As for other 5 year olds, once again it comes down to what their spiritual faith is. However, Christmas remains a Christian celebration so I would most likely tell the story of Joseph and Mary and the birth of Christ.

On a lighter note, this morning I saw that someone has created a video of what Christmas would be like if  Joseph had facebook . Check it out…. at first when I heard about it I was insulted. But then I watched it. And I thought about it. And what I’ve decided is that we need to reach the minds and hearts of our children on whatever level interests them. If this means  using digital media  such as facebook, video games, and the like…well, why not.

  •  December 20, 2010
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