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So let’s start this out with a quickie definition of what an emergency is and then we’ll talk about what it is NOT (and you will be quite amazed I’m sure)

Emergency: a imminent threat to life or property

Pretty simple eh? One would think…..

Okay, taking this a step further….

Imminent: getting ready to happen (according to Webster’s Dictionary)

Threat: an expression of intention to inflict evil, injury, or damage – now this sounds pretty ominous doesn’t it?

I think the words life & property are pretty easy to get but we must specify that “life” in this case is referring to HUMAN life….

I have mentioned somewhere or another that I was a 9-1-1 operator/police dispatcher. When I first started working in this job, 9-1-1 would ring and I would get that instant thought “Oh Crap”…but then I answer the phone and deal with the emergency…. And the not so much emergency calls….

9-1-1 what is the location of your emergency?”

“There is a man and he’s mowing his grass butt-ass naked!” ( this is a real call, my 1st ever 9-1-1 call)

“Exuse me?”

“There is a man and he’s naked, I got a teenage daughter and she don’t need to see no man’s naked stuff!”


9-1-1 what is the location of your emergency?”

“Uh, my TV stopped working.”
“Sir, 9-1-1 is for emergencies. Do you have an emergency?”

“I said my TV stopped working. I don’t know who to call.”


9-1-1 what is the location of your emergency?”

“My mommy is trying to make me go to bed.”

“How old are you?”


“Can I talk to your mommy?”

“No, she’s mad at me cuz I won’t go to bed.”


Now the rules of 9-1-1 are simple…. We get a call and the cops go. So, yes, a cop was sent to each of these calls. Simply amazing isn’t it?


I know this sounds pretty dumb, and these calls are pretty crazy… but in some respect, we enjoyed them. They helped to relieve the stress/tension and gave us an opportunity to laugh. Because the other calls were horrendous!


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