Aug 202012

I was looking forward to this weekend. I was under the impression (which turned out to be false) that I would get to spend a bit o’time with Coach.  Ah, life with a football coach.

It looks as if I will be decorating his classroom for him… and that of the coach next door. They have this suite set up sort of. They both teach special ed. Their classrooms are way down at the end of the world. And they have an adjoining bathroom. All they need is a kitchenette and the special folks would never have to leave the rooms. My thoughts on that another time. Anyway, it appears the coaching staff isn’t going to have time to get into their classrooms & get set up before school starts NEXT MONDAY (already). It has been hinted that maybe I would be willing to do that for them. Of course I would. I enjoy doing those types of things.

This week I will be clothes shopping for coach. That is scary. My taste is not very similar to his LOL I told him he would just have to wear whatever I picked out for him. (insert evil laugh) I’ll be nice…maybe. I know what types of things he likes. I have managed to get him wearing things he might not have picked out on his own. For example, today they are at an inservice. He is wearing a bowling shirt! He actually likes it. Last winter he needed a casual yet nice sweater to wear. I picked out a tan sweater with a stand up collar & a zipper at the neckline. It looks really nice on him. And he likes it! In his previous teaching jobs the coaches all wore windpants during the day. This new school is not allowing that. I’ll be out shopping for slacks & shirts for him.

Weekend run down:

  • Friday night was the scrimmage with McAllen Bulldogs. It was a good chance to see the team the guys are building. They need work but they did pretty alright. It was fun to see coach on the sidelines again.
  • Saturday I spent the day sleeping & piddling around the house. Coach worked from 8 til 6ish. I ordered Hunger Games on Direct. Coach got home that evening, napped a bit, then we had a taco salad for dinner and watched the movie.

    The books are much better than the movie.

  • Sunday morning was nice… we lazed around the house and visited. Coach & I talk a lot. We have great conversation. All the time. Sunday it was nice to have that again. I miss him during the week. He left for work at noon & you’ll never guess what I did! I napped. ha!
  • I sort of knew in the back of my mind they wouldn’t be done when they thought they would. I knew it wouldn’t be 4 or 5. I was right. Around 7 he came home and took me to dinner… Genghis Grill… man do I love that place. Then we hit Target and picked up a few shirts for him.

Now it’s Monday morning & we start the whole process over again.

I have been talking to Beulah about resetting her internal clock. I thought she understood. I was wrong. (I’ve been wrong a lot the past few days) She woke me up this morning once again… but instead of 4 in the AM, it was…. 3 in the AM. Blasted dog! We went outside – she didn’t do anything but lay on the porch…didn’t even try to pee. So we came in after about 15 minutes … I gave her the ritualistic snacks & I went back to bed. For 45 minutes. She came back. Again. This time at least when we went outside, she pee’d.

I cruised the classifieds this weekend looking at the dreaded jobs. There is no way we could go more than a few more months without an income for me. We could..but it would mean giving my car back & trimming a few other things from our budget. We could certainly do that. But is it in our best interest? I don’t know. This is so flippin stressful. I’m not making any big decisions yet. I’ve got an appointment with my neuro in a few weeks & I’m going to talk to a lawyer. I’ll go a round of appeals and see what happens. After that, it’s up in the air.

If only there was a way I could work from home…. that would solve all the problems of my little world….

Oh! While we were at Target I spotted the biggest dang chew stick I have ever seen!

Beulah would not know what to do with this at all

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Weekend Run-down”

  1. We used to pretend to set Rowdy’s clock just like you do a regular clock, all the while telling him what time we wanted get up. Surprisingly it worked most of the time. Of course, we used to talk to him like he was a person so maybe he did understand, who knows.

    I am sending good vibes that you will the the disability claim approved. It’s so sad that one has to hire a lawyer to get something that should be obvious.

  2. That sounded like a very full weekend. I am glad you got to spend some time with Coach.

  3. Wish I lived closer to you — I have a lot of classroom stuff packed away. I used to love doing my room in August. Now, I couldn’t even think of such activity. Sorry you’re not having luck in the job hunt — I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  4. Boy Sherri, if I could get out as many words and photos as you each day I would consider myself doing well! There has to be some sort of computer job you could do from home with your skills. You have the knack of allowing people to really see into your world. I reckon there’s a book there somewhere. Stay strong

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