Oct 202010

I’m on day number 13 of this blasted headache…. yes, 13 is what I said. Mind you, it’s not a debilitating pounding kind of headache that makes me think my head is going to explode at any second… I haven’t worried about aneurysms or anything like that. I know there are no tumors since I just recently rode the MRI machine… it’s just enough of an ache to distract me. And for so many days! I have been taking aspirin and using Tiger Balm and that does wonders – for about 2 hours ha! But since I’m having a hole dug into my back and all my valued spinal fluid removed – well they said no more aspirin…. hell. The guy on the phone said “you’ll have to find a way to deal with it.” Thanks Buddy. Really.

Image borrowed from Won Tsuen

On another note… I finally took a picture of the second pendant that I got for my birthday… remember the first one? My picture isn’t really a good quality so it’s hard to see the details but I just love this thing… it has the word “passion” stamped on it…. And Sandy over at TobyandMax.com is having a sale right now… until Oct 25th… got to get her promoted…she has fabulous pieces… I can’t wait to buy more!

Work sucks. But what else is new? I have been looking around for something a bit less stressful. I am an “essential” employee right now….. it’s the nature of my job. If there were some big disaster or other emergency, I would have to jump and go…no matter what. And I don’t have enough confidence in my medical self right now to know that everything would work the way I would need it to. I don’t think it’s fair to my employer, the citizens we protect, or to myself. Stress is a huge factor in the level of my symptoms…. so I have found one position… it’s an IT person on one of the high school campuses. I would be really happy and oh so grateful to get that one! Everyone pray!¬†

This year has got to either get better or end. I have had so much to deal with lately…. first mother, then me, then father…. what else? They say these things all come in three’s… so um, can I be done now? Please….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. what sort of college thesis – research paper? i can’t imagine that my blog was able to help you out with this. at least not this particular post…

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