Mar 242011

so it’s 18:37 and i’m still at work… yes that is military time… that’s the indicator that i’m still working…. i’m here til 22:00 tonight… woo hoo! not…

earlier today i had thought of something that was really good to write about… it was going to be one of those deeply profound and moving posts that i know would have just sky rocketed through the internet and been viral in a matter of only a few hours….

but alas, i have forgotten what it was….

so i have been emailing with the zentangle teacher…. and i think i can find her minimum number of people to host a class! go sherri   go sherri 🙂  i need at least 6 people and not more than 60 for her to come here and teach… the class is $65 and that includes lunch even… now you can’t beat that! art, lunch, and the pleasure of my company all for the low low price of $65.00! who’s in? 

coach’s soccer team made it to the playoffs after winning district  …. they have their first play off game tomorrow night against lake travis… fingers crossed!

i haven’t been at football practice this week at all… been missing it…

some stuff i’ve been practicing… mostly different patterns and trying them together in different ways….

the mess that is my mind

  •  March 24, 2011
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