Jan 082012

well, here i am… an ol married hag ha!

we had a wonderful time with our family and a few friends last night. it was truly beautiful to have everyone there…. just as i requested, the ceremony was short and sweet… i had predicted 11:22…that was allowing 8 minutes for the JP to do his thing, and 3:22 for Jeri to sing her song as the family combined their sand into our blended family jar….  i didn’t miss the total time by to much…

my brother timed the whole thing and it was 7:12! and that even included a prayer…. dang we’re good!

the BBQ stuffed taters were wonderful! and it appeared that everyone liked them as they were eating and eating… good!! cupcakes were fun too…. i’ll write more about those little stories when we get home….

no, we aren’t taking a honeymoon… but we are still in the hotel – damn we got the hook-up with this amazing suite! i’m trying to figure out how we can sneak out with a few things….

most especially this great big huge ass electrically wired massive canopy desk…. wow! it’s gorgeous… i think about all the things i could spread out on it’s beautiful surface that is about as wide as a twin bed and about as long as… well hell… it’s about 10 feet long! it’s in the center of the room and acts as a divider between the bed area and the living room area… it’s open so you can see through to both sides… it’s about 10 feet tall too… has recessed lighting up in the top… dang! i want one of these!!

coach was walking around it tapping, knocking, studying it… he builds junk… he does wood work and welding too… maybe one of these days he’ll have the time to build me one of these things… amazing…

anyway, everyone hung out with us for a long time, just sitting and visiting and listening to music… was really nice… the kids all had a ball too… most the guests left around 10ish or so…ashley and jeri and the in laws hung out with us til really late… maybe 1:30 or so… we so enjoyed their company…

slept like a baby – except for those times that coach kept stealing the covers from me… dang, we get married and he thinks he can just take advantage of me like that!

the pillows are incredible… feather… on my!

so that’s it for now… when we get home later i will go through the pictures and get a few posted and tell you some of the funnies we encountered….

we are married! we are hitched! my best friend, my lover, my witness, my partner… we did it… thank you all for your prayers, good wishes, and support… it means a lot to me….

p.s. the beast was on the best behavior for most of the day/night…. wasn’t until towards the end that i started getting a bit wonky… so thankful for that

happy Sunday!!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  16 Responses to “we are united for better or worse”

  1. *Congratulations,* Mrs!!!!!!! =)

  2. I am SO incredibly happy for you. For you both. Love you sugar, my most heartfelt congratulations.

  3. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Enjoy married life!

  4. Best Wishes to you Mrs. Coach. Smiling for you 🙂

    Someday, I bet Coach will make a desk similar to that for you – when you have somewhere to put it.

  5. congrats from afar!! finding your other half…what a grand event!!!

  6. Congratulations from afar. Glad that the beast overslept, and didn’t come early.

    • oh gosh, me too… the beast was well behaved for most of the day… whew! that was my biggest worry… all i needed was to be walking like a drunk arse chicken on the big day LOL

  7. Doing the Happy Dance for you!
    Congratulations you two!
    I’d love to see a photo of this desk and the cupcakes! Of course you two too.
    Best wishes for a wonderful married life.

  8. See, weren’t the day and you beautiful?

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