Mar 242011

>i know…i’ve already posted this morning…but if i don’t do this now i will forget ha!

i had a bad night sleeping, and i ended up rising for my glorious day very early… much too early… i turned the TV on and began watching HLN news… after watching the same 3 stories at least 17 times i switched to Fox news….

i don’t watch news… and now i am reminded why i don’t….

i love technology… i’m a geek… i love wing-dings, wam-wams, gizmos, gadgets…. love love love them! can’t get enough…

but is it really necessary for us to watch video after video of war? bombs going off? people being shot? there are live streams of the war going on… do we need to see it?

many of you may think i’m attempting to live in a fantasy world of denial… if i don’t see it happening, maybe i could forget about those men & women who are so bravely fighting for us  in another country…. no. that’s not the point.

my point is this….

we are desensitized. the media makes use of all that fabulous technology to keep us completely saturated with images of the madness… and we begin to take it all for granted… it becomes a part of every day life…. coffee, bagel, bombs…. what the hell?

used to be that the people of this country were appalled by war! we protested against it, we rallied, we marched, we spoke out against war…. not so much anymore… at least not in ways that are enough… enough to make a difference… and i think it’s because it has become part of our daily life… we are desensitized….

we expect it. we expect to see that live footage of bombs going off… and to sit here in my living room watching a cloud of smoke with a big sound doesn’t help matters… from this vantage point it’s easy to not see the people that were blown up with that image… and please, don’t show me! i don’t want to see that… the madness needs to stop…

war doesn’t carry the same level of doom and seriousness that it once did for all of us here…sitting in our comfy homes, watching it happen live…. my God… what have we turned in to?

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  •  March 24, 2011
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