Aug 052011

I have watered the tin can 3 times since I got home from work… and as dumb as it sounds… IT WORKS! It’s much cooler in here tonight than it has been on previous nights. I’m going to keep it up…. even though I look like a whack job out there…

My luck, with all this watering of the tin can… plant life is gonna start growing up there… algae, mold, twiggy things with little leaves…. if that happens I think I’ll just string some little white twinkle lights and call it deco…

And… what the hell… I got mosquito bites! I thought it was hot enough to kill those bastards.

Queen Beulah puked in the little hallway tonight… I think the heat is getting to her as well. She was outside for about 2 1/2 minutes, came in and proceeded to gulp massive amounts of water. Sounded like a large species of some sort drinking in there… shortly after that is when she upchucked it all… and not only on the floor but on the cord to the tower fan that resides in the hallway…

I ran in and got the pine sol that I’m so incredibly fond of (I mix it in an old Windex bottle with water) and squirt everything down… I got my rag and went to wipin… and ZING! POP! ZAP!

I got electrocuted… I survived.

The MS beast isn’t sure what to do with the extra ‘tricity coursing through my left arm right now… Jan and I decided if it makes things better we’re claiming CURE! and gathering up the riches… no worries, we’ll share… maybe Smile

Oh, and just in case you hadn’t heard yet – There has been a Geomagnetic Disturbance of K-8 magnitude alert issued until 08:43 on 8-6-11….  you can click on the pretty picture for further reading about solar flares and geomagnetic storms….  your welcome AddEmoticons0051

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “watering the tin can and other interesting scientific junk”

  1. I’m sorry, but you already know that I am a freak so here goes.
    The red thingy looks like a pomagranite –
    The whole thing looks like a pomagranite farting.
    I’m sorry, but you already know I am a freak with a twisted mind.

    But it is a fantastic photo. But if you turn it vertically with the fart on the bottom of the pic, it’s an angel.
    Is there a hidden meaning there? metaphor?
    No, I am not on acid.

  2. Re the watered tin can – very cool idea visualizing it dripping with vines and little lights. Just make sure Hansel and Gretal don’t wander in. Never thought about a spray mix of water & pine sol. gonna do that. Like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

    I kinda think I know those ‘lectric waves. During the more than decade of getting ready to be menapausal, I would get these electricity waves through my body. Starting on the top of my head and down my body, hanging out with me for long, long minutes – the first one was on a crowded NYC subway. Now that I’m post menapausal, it happens every so often and up and down my right foot. Bodies are weird. 😀

    • i don’t care much for the shocky tingly sensations.. they tend to be quite distracting… mostly they don’t hurt me but just are extremely annoying… but sometimes i get a jolt… similar to what a tazer or hot shot (cattle prod) would be like… very localized and biting… ugh!

      the tingly is just like my body’s asleep… sort of how when the foot goes to sleep… except almost my whole body…

      i must say, it all keeps me interesting haha

  3. Glad that the watering is helping. Who gives a rat’s arse what it looks like if it works.

    Re the electricity/electrocution thing. Sorry not a cure. It may well give the bloody disease ideas. The feeling of small(ish) electric shots is one of my symptoms. Oh how lucky I am. And my neuro (damn him) said ‘oh yes, quite common’. Bah.

    Have a good weekend.

    • oh yes.. the electrical shooting pains… i have those… feels like someone is chasing after me and hitting me with a cattle prod… man i hate that!

      and then those little electrical fuzzy tingly things i get too… feet, legs, arms, hands… across my forehead… bleh

      at least it all keeps life interesting hahaha

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