Jul 222013

#000000;">During the day yesterday there was a birthday party going on for one of the kids living in the neighborhood next to our park. They had a large time. I like the sounds of parties…as long as the sounds aren’t overwhelmingly loud. The family hosting the party kept the noise at a tolerable level. They had music and such going on but it was pleasant. We can’t see the yard because there is a privacy fence that runs the length of the park separating us from the neighborhood. But over the top of the fence, towering as high as the rooftop – a great big blow up slide thing… and the family took their garden hose up, secured it somehow and created a water slide. Those kids had a blast! Around 8 PM or so the music stopped and the big water slide was being deflated. Party over.

#000000;">Or so we thought.

#000000;">Around 9:45 or so I headed to the laundry room to fold the clothes while Coach was taking Beulah on her final walk of the day. As I approached my car I could hear faint music playing… and women laughing, giggling, snorting in fun. I look and see the big water slide has been inflated, the hose turned on, and all the women were sliding down! Their laughter was great!


#000000;">We’ve been dog sitting for some friends for the past few days. They have two dogs… a big beautiful doberman and a little mutt type small dog… a bit larger than a chihuahua but not as big as a weiner dog. This dog, Charlie, has a tongue fetish. I swear that dog cannot control his desire to lick. I really think it’s impossible for him. He wants so badly to be pet and loved on but every time we reach out to pet him, he winds his little head around and licks, licks, licks, licks, licks… gross! I don’t mind a lick occassionally but a flippin dog bath is sort of disturbing. He needs medicine. Or some type of group he can join to help with his obsession.


#000000;">I felt really bad for my kiddo yesterday. She has started selling Thirty-One products and had her launch party yesterday afternoon. She sent out 60 invitations. She set up an invite & group page on facebook… she talked about her launch party and the products for weeks leading up to the party.

#000000;">And only 5 people showed up.

I plan on buying a few things on line since I couldn’t be at her party. Hopefully the ability to shop online will help boost her sales.

I hope she has more success in furture parties, when other people start hosting them. The products really are quite cute… and they are sturdy. I was surprised when I saw how well made the items are.



Coach & I did a bunch of nothing this weekend, mostly. Saturday we lounged around the house almost the entire day. We did manage to hit the grocery store and of course we went to visit with the dogs a few times.

Sunday I felt really productive. I planted my agave and aloe vera plants in the ground. We had a bit of white rock so I spread that around the base of the plants. They’ve both been growing in pots for quite a while so I figured it was time to set them free. The poor agave wasn’t getting bigger at all because of it’s prison pot. The aloe vera was growing like gangbusters and had lots of “pups” on it.

I love playing with the water hose when I’m outside. It’s so hot and having an excuse to have the hose works out really nice. On the RV, there are little rain gutters. They help the AC condensation (and any little bit of rain we get) to the corners to drip off. Lately though, the water has been dripping off the side, onto the porch at the front door. The wood on the porch was never able to dry out and any time we stepped through the door we were getting wet. So…. I got the hose and put the nozzle on jet… I put a chair on the front porch and stood on it… this got me high enough to shoot the water down the tracks to clear them out. Good heavens! The amount of mud and filth that came flying out of the little gutters was unreal. The tracks were totally blocked up with sludgy mud and debris!

This morning when I stepped outside… no drips! They can be shocking first thing in the morning.


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I love, love, love that the women had themselves a party on the slide. There should be more fun in all of our lives. Fun, love and laughter.

  2. I sold Tupperware about 10 years ago and yes, it is almost impossible to get people out to parties.

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