Mar 042012

although the waste management team has been on strike for a while, things are getting better. a few SCABS must’ve crossed the picket line without my knowledge because things are flowing smoothly as of late…

i worked my second job yesterday…. to do that, i get up at 4 frakin 30 in the AM, get this body moving at an acceptable level, and drive 1 1/2 hours away… i do so love working at the second job… it just kills me the though… that drive…

our team had a football game yesterday that started at 3 o’clock… i got off at 3 o’clock… drove like a banshee to get back hoping to make it at half time…. didn’t get there in time to see the game – but not because my andretti style of driving in a hamster powered vehicle was ineffective – but… oh man… the game was called by the refs in the 3rd quarter…. AGAIN….. the other team had a great deal of in-fighting and general obstinate behavior going on… pft, i wonder if we’ll play a full 4 quarters any time soon…

on the autobahnish drive home, i made my way through bastrop… 6 months post-wildfire things are still so devastating… and i could STILL smell the charred life… the smoke… so sad… huge rebuilding efforts going on there but not nearly as fast as i had imagined… i only saw about 4 homes that are under construction.. the rest of the land was spotted with FEMA trailers….

today will be a day of journaling, drawing, painting, and just being… i’m so looking forward to it! hope your weekend is chock full of life, love, and what ever your soul needs to be restored and rejuvenated for the up-coming week

late night dinner at Lenny's..... oh, i mean Denny's

getting ready to bloom

i know that is a crap picture ha!

those are lemon blooms – i think – you see, the lemon tree and the orange tree have been participating in inappropriate activities when we aren’t looking… there is a veritable den of sin on my little garden spot!

this tree is now changed… it does that to us all doesn’t it? – the top 1/2 of the lemon tree has orange tree branches and leaves… the lower half is all lemon… these blooms are near the top of the lemon section so…. lemoranges? orangmons?

shall be interesting….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “waste mangement may end strike soon”

  1. keep us apprrised of the orange and lemon trees goings on. I have never heard of a tree changing through proximation to another. It will be very intereesting to find out how it turns out.

  2. I love the new growth.
    Have a restorative weekend.  You have had such a lot on your plate for a while.  Cyber hugs.

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