May 022012

800 miles in 3 days… wow, i feel as though i’ve driven to Japan and back… well, except that we didn’t have to drive through the ocean or anything ha!

coach had a GREAT interview on Monday… it was a two-parter. the morning consisted of a board type interview with head coach, DC, and an assistant coach; the principal and the assistant principal. it went really really well. then later that day we met the head coach at the new high school for the grand tour…man, that is one nice ass school! the athletics section of the school is big enough to be a school of it’s own just about….

a tentative job offer was made and now we wait. the recommendation has been made to hire but it has to go to the school board for final approval. next week we should have the final answer….. ugh, the wait.

the trip itself went well. the drive is looooonnngggg! but it’s an easy drive….good thing coach & i get along so well ha! we talk and talk, we listen to music & talk radio… we have a good time with each other. and the trip was uneventful. no stupid stuff to talk about at all. can you believe we drove a total of 800 miles and there’s not one stupid or funny story in the deal? i know i can’t….

we like edinburg. between the morning & afternoon sessions we drove all over that city and the surrounding countryside. we like it there. it’s clean, nice, spacious… the buildings are spread out… houses are not built one on top of another….

we stopped in at the chamber of commerce to pick up everything we could find about life in the valley….. one of the chamber directors stopped to say high and welcome us. after discussing businesses, housing, etc., i asked him about the hospitals and neuro facilities in the area… turns out he has MS! what a freakin small world. i hate that it’s that easy to stumble upon someone else living with this beast. anyway, he was telling me about the MS groups around there and how they don’t have any real leadership or organization when it comes to fundraising, and fun events. but he did say they have monthly meetings that a lot of people come to. so there is a big group they just need some organizing…. after talking to me for a while, he asked if that is something i would be interested in doing for the valley…. um, quite possibly, yes! lol

so we are home now. we are tired and beat. but things are good. we sit and wait now. and in the meantime, coach continues to send out applications and resumes… don’t want to put all the eggs in the one proverbial basket… he will keep hunting until the offer is made and the contracts signed….

i hope everyone had a great weekend!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Sherri, this sounds so promising — prayers and good thoughts! Now, if you move there, will you work at the same kind of job? When would you have to relocate? Since it’s always hot in TX, I guess it won’t matter. Glad the ride went well, too! Keep us informed and good luck!

  2. Sounds like Coach nailed the interview, but I know – it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings. He’s right to keep sending out the applications. But the serendipity of running into a director at the Chamber of Commerce and find that he has MS, and he offered YOU a (I assume) volunteer job — well, that’s just too much. This has to mean something… like a good offer pending.

  3. Everything crossed that things work out for you and coach. And yes, I know what you mean about the smallness of the world. My next door neighbour but one has MS – nasty primary progressive paralysed from the neck down MS. A message to me to stop complaining.

  4. So no lost leaf springs, no flats, err ugh that is a good thing! Glad your trip went so well and the job offer WOOT oh yeah is that a Texas word?

  5. What state is the new job in? How exciting! I hope everything works out the way you’d like!

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