Jan 282013

So much to say! Man, it’s hard to know where the beginning is….

Let’s start with the job. It’s mine. I don’t have an exact start date just yet but it should be sometime this week. I have to finish up the standard HR stuff – TB test, drug screen, background check, etc. Once that’s done (hopefully tomorrow) I’ll be good to go. I met with my new boss today and he’s great. Very laid back sorta guy… the director for security was also there… I think we’ll work well together. They filled me on my duties and such… my title – Emergency Management Coordinator. They also filled me in on this tidbit… a Starbucks was just opened up in the lobby of the hospital… shit… and to make matters worse, they do payroll deduction. I’m so screwed.

This past weekend was all about coaching stuff. Saturday Coach had baseball tryouts and I did laundry. They have these super-duper gigantic washers & dryers up there. Once he was done, we took a trip over to the Island – South Padre Island. There was a football coaching clinic going on. While he was in the meeting/seminar I sat in the lobby studying up on emergency management for hospitals/healthcare facilities. My brain is starting to kick back into gear (good thing). The hotel was situated on the beach so I managed to take a few photos as well…

Anyway, he was finished up around 4:30ish so we drove down the strip to a public access beach. I wanted to find some driftwood for Faith to put in her aquariums. We hit pay dirt. We picked up 4 or 5 really nice pieces… for free… much better than trying to buy that stuff. After that we headed on home.

Between the mainland and the island is a really big causeway bridge… Queen Isabella Causeway. The traffic was really bad because they had it down to only one lane. There was no guardrail on much of the peak… didn’t appear to have been an accident but more that it was just time to start replacing the stuff. Since we were creeping along at a whopping 1.4 mph, I decided to take a few photos. There were a couple of kids who jumped out of the car with skateboards with the intention of skateboarding in the closed down lane up the causeway. Brave souls. But I guess the payoff would be fun… going down the other side. Except they didn’t make it all the way up… the petered out and hitched a ride the rest of the way.

Speaking of construction on the causeway, I have to mention the funniest thing… well, here let me show you…

A Porta-John at the top of the bridge… with no guardrail. They had it strapped to the side of the bridge with bungee cords. Now the first thing that ran through my mind… how awful would it be to be sitting in the Porta-John, just minding your business… and some smart ass co-worker decides it would be fun to tip the john… over the side of the bridge and into the bay you’d go… along with all the shit…

(this is what that blue dot looks like close up)

One more thing I’d like to share with you all about that bridge… as you are beginning the trek there are a few caution signs…

It was flashing… we saw pelicans…

Once we made it over the bridge, traffic flow picked up and we were cruising right along. We stopped a novelty place that we’ve seen a few times but just never pulled in. It’s called bobzworld – click through.. I’ll wait… We didn’t go in. I think it’s some type of novelty/souvenir shop… it’s a mega store…huge. And there are all these weirdo statues/art things everywhere. Dinosaurs, gorillas, fish, shells, waves, and surfer dude on top of a volcano. You can’t tell it here but these things are HUGE… the gorillas is about 4 stories high… surfer dude was about ½ way up the volcano… I bet he was at least 20-25 feet above me….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Wow, can i just say, I love your comment thingey, I know exactly where to blab now. Oh my gosh. The porta potty bungied in is the scariest thing I could think of, but you know what, I am like a toddler, when I gotta go, I have very little time to get there, lol!! Love your pickies.

  2. You’re sounding like your old self again! You sure have some whacky adventures. I hate bridges — period! That one would have freaked me out!

  3. I would rather pee in my pants than use that porta-potty. That is scary!

  4. Oh how kind of Starbucks deduct it from your paycheck. They’re so thoughtful.

    I’ve been trying my best not to flash pelicans anymore because I’ve been told they don’t appreciate it. According to the new restraining order, I’m no longer allowed to streak the flock or come within 500 feet of a pelican.

    Surfer tribal dude on lava has bad hair and is kind of wacky. And the gorilla is just ….odd. I can all but see steam come out of his nose signaling closing time for the store. I think the owner may have some issues with over usage of substances that may or may not be legal. He may be the type of guy to push the porta-potty over with his buddy still in it, laughing all the way to splash.

    • You nut!

      I think you are right about surfer dude… he looked sorta suspicious… although he was pretty cool looking too. The only thing he was missing was the sharks tooth necklace and a pretty bong LOL

      Payroll deduction not only works at Starbucks, but also at the cafeteria and the other cafe in the hospital. I’m gonna keep a notebook of what I spend so I don’t go over my limit and cry when my paycheck comes in hahaha

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