May 112012

starting things off today with this video… i think of all you cat owners out there… and there are many… and i know that the ungrateful bastard must surely have many of the same thoughts….Birdie?

is that just not the funniest thing ever? ok well maybe it’s not, but it’s pretty danged funny

so everyone’s all up in arms about this breastfeeding thing… my opinion? not that it’s worth anything…

i don’t now that the child is going to be permanently damaged. i think the mom has some issues – unless she’s totally broke, living under a bridge and has no other way to feed her kids…. there are so many divided opinions on this one. but i think the best way to look at this is to take our cues from the good ol animal kingdom… those mommas don’t nurse their babies for 3-7 years. they wean them off by instinct… and generally, they are weaned off the teat when they are able to eat solid food. i have to wonder if those kids from the Time article are eating food as well as nursing? and if not, man, her milk supply storage units don’t look nearly large enough to feed a 3 and 5 year old!

one other thing, her teats look mighty danged good for a momma who’s been nursing two kids for 5 years… what’s up with that? airbrush anyone? if no airbrush, that that just sort pisses me off ha!

well, this time next month coach will be on the field of his new sabercat home… i will be home drawing, writing, and stressing over finding myself some credible employment… man, i can’t wait! we are both so excited…(not being sarcastic at all)

i guess it’s time to start packing. i hate packing. when i was living life true to my gypsy soul, i didn’t own squat – only what would fit in my car. now that i’m considered a bit more “normal”, it would seem that i have acquired a load of crap. when did that happen? sheesh. sort it, trash it, pack it, move it…. unpack it, sort it, trash it, set it up. gee… and there are those who’ve been asking what i’m going to do with my time off…. pft

laughing donald

the other thing about leaving a job and moving on? all of the sudden people around you begin to realize your value… the things that you do in the job that are important… what it’s going to take to replace you as you are leaving…

the other day i was compared to a soft, broken in teddy bear that is always close by and comforting… only now, the teddy bear is being taken away and a new one will be replacing it… the new one will be hard and stiff requiring that breaking in time that no one enjoys… lol i laughed at this comparison

visited with my fantastic neuro guy yesterday… and he’s going to continue being my primary doctor for all things MS…thank goodness! although he contacted a guy down in the RGV area who is top notch and apparently was or is the president of the neurological society… and a trusted neuro. all my records will be sent to him and he will step in should i have some major relapse or other MS crap that needs to be handled directly… the two will coordinate my care… i  like this – oh and i’m going to get a new drug once it’s all approved…. yeppers… safe and much more effective than what’s out there right now… i like that it’s not a “new” drug so has years of data behind it already… years… i’m looking forward to it… and it’s a pill! BG-12… the numbers are great… more effective on relapse rate and on disability progression. and no needles! the cool thing is that if i take it and it doesn’t do anything for the MS, no harm no foul. the only side effects are flushing and waste management tends to work a bit harder (which ain’t a bad thing around these parts)…

ok… i’m done rambling this morning… TGIF!


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  5 Responses to “ungrateful bastard and other thoughts”

  1. I so recognised our cats in that video. One of them gives himself a headache on a regular basis launching himself at closed windows in an attempt to get to the birds.
    Did you know the budgies portrayed in this video fly wild in flocks of several hundred here? An amazing sight.
    Good luck with your move. We are both pack rats and I hope we NEVER move.
    Excellent news about your co-ordinated care.

  2. The video is hysterical, and it helped me with my French!! I do not envy you and the packing. If we ever move, that’s the part I dread! Good luck with the BG 12.


  3. I am happy that everything is working out for you and Coach. I am always amazed at how much crap can be accumulated through the years. Since I have not moved since 1981 you can imagine how much there is here LOL – I say if we move we should rent a big machine, cut a hole in the roof and such all the crap out bra hahahahah.

    How can a treatment that just recently became approved not be a “new” drug?

    • i wish i could afford to pay someone to come in, pack it all up, move it, then unpack it LOL

      BG-12 has been used for many, many years to treat other conditions. they found that it was having an impact on the mechanism of inflammation and t-cell/b-cell activity in the nervous system. so they started doing trials and such. according to the FDA/DEA and other “they” agencies, when they add up the number of people who are or have taken the drug over the years, it added up to 160,000 patient years that the drug has been on the market… comforting that it’s been out there so long with no major side-effects in the short or long term… i like that much better than a newly developed drug such as gilenya that “they” have no idea bout long term side-effects/damage that could be caused….

      • Yeah I went a read more about it. Especially the part where it is used to ward of fungus on leather LOL. Hope it works for you. Not that I am saying you resemble leather – well there was that cardboard butt post you made . … ummm . ….

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