Jul 102013


That’s about all I feel like I can muster right now.

Coach & I took our road trip back home and it was very good. My Dad is doing wonderfully… his recovery is ahead of schedule. He will have a CT and some lab work in the next few days, then chemo will begin. 4 rounds… 12 weeks…. and he’s done!

Ashley and her family are great. I love hanging out with them. The grandgirls are amazing. Simply amazing.

We returned home Sunday night. I’m now sick. Horrible cold. And those of us with MS know what that means. Not only do I get to deal with the average cold, but I get my ass kicked by MS. The beast is wide awake and beating me down. I know it will pass by my word this is hell.

I barely have the energy to get dressed, drive to work, and sit here at my desk in a semi-vegitative state. My mind is mush.

My pain level has been fluctuating for about a month… consistently hovering between 6-8 on the scale.

I began one of the new meds yesterday. Requip. It made me very nauseous after the first dose yesterday afternoon. The second dose last night wasn’t as harsh. Hopefully I won’t get that stomach problem again. Being that nauseous is no fun at all.

There has been an appeal filed for the Tecfidera. If my insurance denies it again, the pharmacy will then enroll me in Biogen’s co-pay program. I don’t have to do any of the work… I like that.

I’m also waiting for the Ampyra to be approved. It goes through the specialty pharmacy like the Tecfidera does. I didn’t realize Ampyra was considered a formulary drug. Hm.

Okay, there’s a brief update. I have lots & lots of pictures from the trip that I hope to get posted one day soon.

I wish I could hang upside down and let all this crap just ooze from my body and allow for easier breathing, no coughing… bleh.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “Ugh.”

  1. Most people can handle 6 – 8 on the pain scale for a few days but a month! Oh, I hope you feel better soon. xo

  2. What is a formulary drug? Sorry you feel like crap….hope you muster up some energy and recoup quickly…gotta enjoy the SUMMER! Even if you are working and our MS hates the sun and heat….gotta just LOVE it cause sunshine makes EVERYTHING pretty:)

  3. Feel better soon. My hubby’s been sick, hacking up a lung for days. Will he go get some cough medicine or antibiotics? No. Because he’s a man. Hope you get your medications approved.

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