Mar 272012
  • i had a very odd conversation with someone today…. well, maybe not really a conversation….it went something like this (no names are used and the context of the conversation has been changed to protect the innocent):

me: i heard a rumor that the world is going to end this year…. is that something i need to be concerned with?

other person: ask me directly

other person: what is on your mind?

me: do i need to be concerned that the world is going to end this year?

  • is that just a total mind fuck or what? playing a game with me? i’m not sure…. but it sort of unsettled me for some reason… it was as if a game was being played… some sort of psychological will or something… did i not ask you directly in the first message? hmmm
  • today was a long day for me… but not a bad one… just a busy one… creating forms and images – before i knew it i looked up and it was time to leave…. i guess it felt long because i was sitting at my desk all day without moving around much… i must remember to get up and move more often
  • so what’s up with all these airline employees going bonkers? what are they eating in the airport lobbies prior to climbing board that big death trap they are going to soar through the sky? i heard someone on the radio this afternoon wondering how much it is going to be worth…. i have not figured out what is going to be worth something… there was no accident, as far as i’ve heard – no one was injured, the death trap didn’t crash land…. so where’s the $$ in this one?
  • i’m real curious to see what the justices are going to say about the health care reform junk…. not curious enough to sit and listen to all of it… i just want the final outcome of it all…
  • a life long family friend passed away unexpectedly a few days ago… he was not that much older than me… brain aneurysm… scary stuff…. i feel bad for them all… the dad died a few years ago and now the son…
  • football is not looking so grand these past few weeks…. bad bad game saturday… they played bad, they acted bad, some fought and acted very thuggish…. and i found out some were “smoking” in the lot before hand…. um, before a game? and you wonder why your performance was less than stellar? oh, and practice – coming sorta helps on game day…just sayin’
  • i’m WAY addicted to that stupid game – draw something…. holy shit…


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  9 Responses to “tuesday brain dump”

  1. Sherri, sometimes I think you’re my mind without my filter! LOL Keep telling it like it is!!

    • hahaha Muff! i used to have a filter, well, sort of… but then when i started this blog i wanted it to be an actual “brain dump”… i didn’t want to worry about who thought what of me… and pretty much i still don’t lol

      i like to say the things here in the way i REALLY feel about them without worrying that i might offend someone at work or home or wherever haha

      it’s sort of liberating!

  2. I don’t even worry about gas prices, I’m certainly not going to bog my mind down with worrying about when and if the world is going to end. Haha. It is what it is, no?

    It makes me so sad to see how some people, especially kids, live their lives. The smoking, partying, random sex…’s like they have no self worth anymore. I mean, when they live the way they do, how do they ever find excitement or magic in their lives?

    So sad.

  3. Play me in draw something. Heidigailg.

  4. I hate when people mess with my head. I am slow and vulnerable to being with and I don’t need someone to exacerbate the problem.

    I will promise you this. The world is not going to end this year or anytime soon. I am only 41 and the world was supposed to have ended many times now. But here is this, written by a local scientist.

    • i hate it when i get messed with too… i never know if it’s done in a serious manner or a joking manner… hard to tell much of the time…

      i don’t fall for all that “end of the world” stuff…. i just figured that would be a fun conversation since i don’t want to put the real conversation there… gotta be careful sometimes when so many are reading that i know in real life πŸ™‚

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