May 012013


-while the hotel room is WONDERFUL,it is incredibly warm. By that I mean its 72 in here no matter what the AC setting is. Now for most I know this isn’t too warm. But I’m not most. I am a woman of age…I am a woman with a heat sensitive chronic beast.
– I ordered a fan from room service
– after fan delivery by a very nice young man, I was wAlking to the elevator. That young man was in the hallway speaking with a housekeeper who I could not see…she was busy in a room. I heard her say ” please don’t break up with me” ….not in a relationship gone away but more of a Garcia-Morgan way (criminal minds reference). I laughed….they got embarrassed and then laughed because they were busted by a guest ha! It makes my stay a bit nicer knowing that some staff have fun at work…that’s a good thing.
– I had the best burger ever for dinner Tuesday night. It’s a good thing it was the best ever because it cost more than a steak…..wanna guess how much? Go ahead, guess. I bet you’d be wrong. It was an angus burger cooked medium with a covering of cheddar cheese situated in a brioche roll. Standard fries on the side…lettuce,tomato, pickle….and these cute little real glass bottles of Dijon,mayo, and catsup.
– that beats the $5 shake of Pulp Fiction fame
– breakfast was of the continental variety….antelope, croissants,and coffee.
– lunch….oh lunch…. A pepperoni big ass calzone….oh man
– on the new right now? ” Liberals Turn On Obama” oh my.
– I have spent too much time thinking about food. Sheesh
– I miss Coach.
– I haven’t put a single slender coin into a single gleaming machine. Their bells and whistles calling out for me to feed them has not swayed me even a little bit. I’m a cold-hearted woman.
I have taken some photos but I can’t get them from photo taking devices to the damn iPad to the inter webs for posting here. I’ve always been sort of a techno geek but when it comes to the crazy iHal world I am a complete bafoon.


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  5 Responses to “Trip Notes Day 1”

  1. I just had to move my laptop outside because I am a woman of a certain age. My husband is inside and telling me that it is not hot. Boys are so dumb.

    If it is any consolation, I hate casinos. We had to walk through one to get to the Gordon Lightfoot concert and I started having a panic attack. Full blown , gasping for breath, dizzy, nauseated and confused. Thank god for my husband who knew the way out. They build them hard to get out of on purpose.

    • It is so incredibly loud down there! Thankfully I haven’t had to venture down but once for the obligatory (and much needed) Starbucks mocha frappie with as shot of espresso 🙂

  2. So there are any edits to this post but iHal won’t let me complete them. For instance, I did not eat ANTELOPE for breakfast but instead had CANTELOPE….. A well…..

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