Jun 142011

drawing has been a bit more difficult the past few weeks… tremors, shakiness, and some blurred vision have been hindering my creative self… bleh

i keep trying… you ought to see the number of attempts…start, stop, shudder…start, stop, shudder… ha! maybe i should post of few of those….

i managed to finish this one last night….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  13 Responses to “tremors”

  1. Your “doodles” are fantastic.

    You’re one tough broad with a wonderful outlook, Ms. Sherri.

  2. Remarkable know-how! I have been hunting for some thing like that for a time now. Excellent!

  3. This is creative, nice, beautiful, etc. I am sorry for the vision, tremors. I hope you feel better now….

  4. Maybe you can transform that blurred vision and trembling into your personal art. I’m not being trite or disrespecting your struggles with MS. I truly honor your struggles and love you. What I’m saying is hold the pen while it moves like the arrow on a weedgy (sp?) board and use the blurred vision to express your inner eye’s vision. Alter your definition of creative self and creativity. Invent a new medium.
    Creativity is what’s happening in the moment – spontaneous – no rules. 1, 2, 3 – go!

    • you are right Paula…. and i think i’m going to just go with it… let’s see what happens! ha!

      how is your art coming along? send me something! i’d love to see what you’ve been doing with your pen and paper….

      • well, just last night while tangling I mumbled to myself that my tangles dont have to be that great looking – I feel good just doing them. Maybe I’ll post a photo. I also have hands that tremble suddenly and the line takes a whole other direction. When I feel that I am blinking and rubbing my eyes too much, I stop. If the tangle above is an indication of your current MS status as far as tangling goes, I’m calling the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan and giving them your blog address.
        I didn’t realize that you are living in an oven in TX. What is going on. The other day it was over 100 in Newark, NJ! That kind of heat sucks all the energy out. But, Puleese, do not move to Alaska – Just like Weiner will forever be Anthony, Alaska will forever be Sara Pallin. Hope I am not offending. If so, well it’s still the truth. πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

        • LOL you are not offending me…. although I swing a little to the conservative side of the fence, Mrs. Palin is not my idea of what is best for our country ha!

          It is an oven here… and I feel as though I’m the big turkey that has been stuffed and tied up, shoved in a roaster and left to bake… oh my

          No Alaska… I will forever be in Texas…. oh well

          And this drawing is one that was done with ringing ears, blurred vision, and some tremors…. I used so much color to help hide the shakiness haha

  5. You are doing better than me. Since I got my iPad I haven’t even gotten my supplies out let alone tried to tangle something.

  6. hey,

    visit my blog and pick up the sunshine award…herrad gave it to me and told me to pass it along…i’m not sure how to do cept for leaving this comment πŸ™‚

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