Mar 062010

so we are traveling this weekend. i do like to travel. originally the plan was to drop off beulah thursday evening around 6 with the Snoddy family. They take good care of her when we travel. Once that was done, we were headed to rockport….about a 3 hour drive. Only we didn’t go the right way….we ended up taking a small unplanned tour of south texas! we buda, drove through san antonio, continued south to a bunch of little places that i can’t recall….then ended up in cotulla on I-35. At this point, I realized we had done something wrong. So we pulled out the gps and found that we were 182 MILES off course!! Ok…so we headed down hwy 44. This took us through freer, alice, san diego, into robstown and finally corpus. We managed to make it to rockport at 1:15 in the morning. Just a few hours late haha We both had a good outlook about it and remained happy. thank goodness. randy is such a good hearted guy…no anger, agitation, irritation or anything. (i was driving).

so we made it to rockport and mom’s house. friday morning i got up and went to the dentist (stepdad’s a dentist). i got a filling done, we did some last minute shopping and left for mcallen. we used the gps from the driveway so there was no getting lost on this leg of the journey ha we got to mcallen around 4:45, made it to the gym in plenty of time for randy to weigh in for his meet. actually, i think he was the first one to weigh in. (this is a power lifting meet). once that was done, we located our hotel….it’s a studio 6 and pretty nice place. then off to dinner. now randy didn’t eat all day yesterday because he wanted to weigh in at a certain amount… dinner on these nights usually is an all-you-can eat type buffet. we prefer ryan’s steakhouse but they don’t have one of those here. so we ended up at golden corral. it was absolutely packed. i can’t remember eating at a restaurant that was so busy! dinner was good…we both ate more than our share of food. one last stop at the store….academy and target. back to the motel for some good sleep.

now it’s saturday morning….day of the meet. we are up and moving. gotta get packed up, go to breakfast and be at the gym by 8:30. it’s going to be a long day and it will be fun watching my macho man make and maybe exceed his goals. i’m proud of him! he’s doing all right for an old goat.


  •  March 6, 2010
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