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the drivers in mcallen texas are something else! i have not seen such bad drivers….not even when i was living in los angeles. in the 24 hours that we were there i was almost hit at least 15 times…and that is being conservative!! i felt more stress driving there than i have felt in my job for pete’s sake!

anyhow….after a disappointing time at the he-man macho contest we went to eat at poncho’s mexico nuevo restaurant. very interesting place..the food was authentic mexican food…and it tasted good. while there, i went to the ladies’ room…that was an unusual experience for me…there were women working in the restroom…i was waited on! they guided me to an empty stall – when i came out and approached the sink, they brought soap to me, watched me wash, then offered me towels to dry my hands. as i was leaving, a woman opened the door for me. was i supposed to tip them? i don’t know…what is proper bathroom etiquette in this situation??? truthfully, it made me kind of uncomfortable…going to the restroom is a sort of private affair. i had to use the restroom again before we left but opted to wait…i went to the exxon station down the street!

now for the he-man macho contest….randy was third up on the roster. on his first squat he was going for 600 lbs. he has been doing this without problem all throughout his training. but today at the meet, he approached the bar, got situated, squatted, and on the way up…loud popping noise, he’s cussing and in pain…they had to take the bar from him…  his muscle is messed up in his left thigh. no more lifting today for him. he didn’t even want to try the bench press or deadlifts. so we stayed and watched the others compete and then headed out. he is very disappointed. the world championships are in april…he’s planning on healing and training to be ready for that. i hope he succeeds. i just don’t want him to hurt himself seriously and i worry for him.

so he-man macho contest, poncho’s with restroom service, crazy-ass drivers…and finally we are in the peace and comfort of my mother’s home in rockport. they had gone to houston so when we arrived i had to crawl through the doggie door to get into the main house lol

tomorrow we will leave and head to pick up beulah. by tomorrow evening we will back to the usual daily life. this has been an adventure. it was fun and i love spending time with randy…and seeing my mom & stepdad.

1. we got lost, well not really…just went about 182 miles out of the way
2. went to the dentist and had a filling done
3. mcallen – i vote for studio 6 motels…great rooms, decent prices
4. golden corral – busiest restaurant i’ve ever been in
5. he-man macho contest resulting in an injury
6. poncho’s with restroom service
7. crawl through the doggie door to get into the house

and mixed in were all the crazy drivers trying to hit me, ram me, run me off the road, and just overall disobey any & every traffic law known to texas!!

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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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