May 152012

it’s been a busy, busy few days… but what else is new? i don’t remember what i wrote last so i’m just gonna ramble and if i repeat myself, well, you’ll have to get over it ha! (just kidding… just nod, smile, and humor me)

so, we are moving… i know i’ve mentioned that… and we thought what better time to look at some new tin cans… heck, all they can say is no, right? so last weekend we carried our butts down the highway to crestview rv… not much hope in our hearts, but figured it’s fun to window shop and daydream… we pretty much know what we want in a new tin can…

no leaks, hot water, more cabinets, slides in the living area that face each other so you get that extra 6 feet in width… a bigger fridge… you know, the basics….and we found just exactly what we want….

pretty, eh? stone faced wall with a “fireplace” in it… it’s just a fancy electric heater… big living area… queen bed, shower with hot water… oh my!

the sales guy, levi, he is so nice… and i kept telling him i didn’t want him wasting his time on us because i really had no hope of being financed on one of these…we filled out the application and gave our earnest money with the guarantee that it would be returned to us when the bank said NO….

i had a pregnancy scare this month… man… i’m too old and too sick for a baby… besides, i have grand babies. how would it look for this chubby ol granny to be toting around a baby on the hip while playing with the 7 and 3 year old grand girls? just slap some white rubber boots on me and pass the salem lights! lol

ok, so not really a pregnancy scare… more like a menopausal sort of thing might be starting and i’m really dreading it… hot flashes? holy shit… i can only imagine what hot flashes and hormone imbalances are going to do to the beast living in my head… life ain’t gonna be pretty… say a prayer or 3 for coach, would ya? k, thanks.

leaving this job has turned out to be a whole lot of work. i think i’m doing more work now that i’m leaving than i was doing on a daily basis! oh my. so much to teach others about what i do… trying to write up instructions explaining the technical/mechanical side of the equipment… wow… and on top of that, i’m teaching a class monday on proper radio operations and i have to get that presentation finished up and ready to go…

time for dinner…. gotta run! smile!


p.s. oh….. we got the trailer 🙂

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Now stop that – your menopause is going to be swift and easy, just like mine was. One hot flash that ended with the best head rush ever (remember the drug days?), and a few warm surges – sweater on, sweater off, rinse and repeat.

    Love your new digs. Are you in it yet? I mean, do you actually have possession of it? WooHoo! You’re heading to the Gulf in style!

    • ha! i hope that it’s easy… one hot flash, one month of irregular plumbing… poof! all done…. that would be so wonderful!

      i’m very excited about our new digs…we won’t be picking it up until the first of the month just before we move….

  2. You little brat! You led us along until the very end — then you say you got the trailer! Yippee — it’s adorable! Good luck with The Change and the Beast!


  3. When you aren’t so busy, ha!! ha!!!, whenever that will be, please take pictures of your new trailer. I would love to see it since it has been my dream to travel with Nate in out travel trailer (one that is comfortable with a full bathroom etc) to craft shows, taking pictures, and writing about it. I love them!!!

    • i will be sure to post pictures and tell all about it… i do remember that you and nate had been talking about getting a trailer… i will say that with all of our research, we found that Jayco is the best brand… built better than any of the others, more durable and really good floor plans

  4. Oh wow, love your new home! Congrats!
    Menopause and MS…been there, done that…it wasn’t easy. I had the hot flashes, but no mood swings, a pregnacy scare, and a period that lasted for 2 months!!!

  5. Glad you got the new trailer. It will serve you well!

  6. I did hot flush. The beast did LOVE the hot patches. Fortunately I am (I think) mostly through it now. If you get the chance and it comes your way go and see Menopause the Musical. I laughed, I wept a little, and I loved it.

    • when i was reading about menopause, most places say it lasts up to 10 friggin years…. holy cow.

      i am going to watch for the musical… it sounds like a great time!

  7. Congratulations on the trailer! As for the rest, you had me laughing. I had one of those pregnancy scares which was really menopause. And not everyone gets the hot flashes. Or the mood swings. I didn’t, though don’t ask my husband.

  8. I know every woman’s descent into the hell called menopause is different, but hot flashes so far have been the least of my problems. Wait until you have a period every two weeks, then don’t have one for three months. Or when you feel like you’re PMS-ing without reprieve for four or five weeks.I don’t know about you, but I swear my MS symptoms get markedly worse when I’m PMS-ing. Oh, the joy. Ya just gotta laugh, really!

    I’ve learned when to warn my husband of impending hormone swings so that he can stay the $*@& away from me for his own safety.

    • oh yes… the beast rares up when the hormones take the proverbial monthly shift… it took me a while to realize why i was having these little flare ups all the freakin time haha

      all the women in my family had a pretty ease go of it during menopause…but i’m not counting my chickens… i think it’s most likely just gonna be hell on me and anyone who happens to be near me… oh well

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