Feb 262010

yesterday was spent in training. i enjoy going to training. i always get to meet new people…networking and learning. and the locations of training are always pretty interesting. this class was in the state operations center here in austin. very cool place. i don’t know that i could find the room again. it’s very secure and down some long winding hallways…and it’s 40 feet below ground! cool eh? the class was a NIMS incident command class…i’m up to the 400 level finally. my fellow students in this class included many texas rangers….they are a brooding bunch….very serious and well put together. they always where the standard ranger uniform….starched pants, starched long sleeve button shirt, blazer -usually western cut, felt hat and fancy guns.

now i can focus on the professional development series for FEMA. once i get those 7 classes done i will feel like i’m making progress in my new job. i love learning, and new challenges make me feel useful. and it’s even better when i manage to succeed! ha

  •  February 26, 2010
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