Jan 292012
  • something has been running through my addled brain the past weeks
  • i do all these drawings for myself
  • and i have some folks who ask for drawings from time to time
  • i’ve even had some that wanted something for a tattoo
  • so….
  • i think i should learn to tattoo
  • just think of all that income!
  • those tat artists make butt-tons of money
  • i slept for 4 freakin hours this afternoon
  • hell of a nap
  • i spent some time potting a mum plant from the funeral… purple mums
  • and i cleaned up the lemon and orange tree, as well as the fan palm
  • i like working with plants… i think i’m going to add some this spring
  • maybe an agave… i just love those things
  • life is slowly getting back to normal… whatever that might be
  • soccer is starting up once again…. 4 games a week most weeks until april… ugh
  • and semi-pro football is starting up with the first game on the 4th
  • central texas outlaws
  • “football is an incredible game. sometimes it’s so incredible, it’s unbelievable.” – tom landry
  • nice
  • i have said some funny things the past few days but i’ll be damned if i can remember them… stupid MS
  • some of those symptoms that popped up during the past week have begun to lay back down a bit… sort of
  • i was asked to join a site and tell my story….i submitted my story but it has to be gleaned over and approved by the powers that be… was nice of them to ask… they sent me a very nice email complimenting my site/writing/humor …cool
  • here it is:  patientcommando.com
  • greg montgomery is on that site… along with some others who are known by the masses
  • i’m still really liking this rasberry tea… nice and warm on a cool night… and it goes quite well with sugar free fudge graham cookies 🙂
  • i’ve totally blown the eating healthy thing in the past week
  • back at it on monday… bleh
  • i like eating crap
  • makes me happy
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  2 Responses to “to tat or not to tat”

  1. Naps are good. There should be more of them.

    I think tattooing people could get icky. Some of them have tats in places I really don’t want to go. I suppose you could be a selective tattoo artist. And playing with the colours would be fun. The dread disease makes my hands shake which could be a bit of a problem though.

    • lol yes i would have to be selective – i don’t think i want to go near the heat of the jungle… as for shaking hands, it’s funny – i started drawing because of tremors … my hands don’t really shake when i draw. it’s like the tremors magically disappear when i draw…. except in the midst of a big flare up…

      hope your night was good and peaceful 🙂

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