Oct 222010

so i’m drinking the last cup of liquid that i get til my adventure with the lumbar jack-hammer is over with. time to put on my big girl pants and suck it up….

i REALLY do NOT want to do this in the morning…but it seems as if i really have no choice…i mean, i guess i do but if i want to have some definitive answers…well i sort of HAVE to do this….

there is just something about a needle in my back taking my precious spinal fluid that disturbs me…

and when i think of the risk involved….. paralysis….infection… and of course then there’s the post-procedure of spinal headache – i bet that’s a barrel of fun…. the best part of the whole gig is that i get to stay in bed for at least 24 hours…. poor coach… he’ll have to wait on me the whole time…


on the upside (if there is such a thing) maybe draining out some of the fluid will relieve this 14 day headache…maybe

the paramedic from the lab called me to tell me all about what i’m in for… i start on my belly, they insert the harpoon… then they roll me over to my side and let the fluid trickle out… he said for 20 minutes! holy hell! then as a door prize they will feed me some snacks… i have to remain there for about an hour afterwards…

speaking of afterwards… i have to go to ANOTHER lab for some blood work…. ok so if i have to stay flat after the lumbar PUNCTURE…how the hell am i supposed to go to another lab for another needle poke? i mean, won’t i have to get up and walk and sit in the waiting room? yes. the nurse said “it’s going to be kind of awful…” ya think?

as you all know, i’m certain to tell you all about my adventure tomorrow (in my usual sarcastic manner of course) as soon as i’m able to look at a computer screen. coach thinks he can get me rigged up so i can blog while lying flat… you go coach!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Hi Sherri,

    I just discovered your blog. I’m so sorry that you are going through all of this right now. Going through all the unpleasant stuff it takes to get a firm diagnosis is a pain. But there are so many of us who have been through it too. Keeping writing, it helps. And, welcome to the MS blogosphere.


    • thanks lisa! i’m sorry that any of us have had to do this garbage…i realize it’s necessary..but you would think that after all these years they would’ve devised a better plan of attack ha! i’m glad to have found the MS blogosphere…it’s helping to read about others experiences….really helps a lot

  2. You have been in my thoughts……..Hope you’re feeling better soon! Good Luck!

  3. Wow you have gone through a lot. My sister had a lumbar puncture recently. We did some reading about it and found out is a very routine procedure. I’m sure you will recover fine.

    • i came through it pretty good…. it wasn’t on my bucket list or anything but i survived… i have to admit that this recovery phase is worse than the actual procedure

  4. My prayers for you.

  5. You are in my thoughts… I hope things go well.

  6. Been praying all night 🙂

  7. Hang in there Sherri! Prayers are going up daily for you. Love ya!

  8. Hi Sherri,
    You are very brave. I refused a lp, but my MRI was pretty conclusive. Hope it went okay for you.

    • i wanted so badly to refuse the lp….but my mri’s weren’t conclusive enough for the doc. i don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing…probably good if the lesions weren’t enough…but bad because this part really sucks! ha!

  9. Hi Sherri,
    Hope it all went well for you, am surprised you have to suffer a lumbar punbcture surely an MRI is sufficient these days?
    Hope you will have a pleasant day today.

  10. I can’t imagine how difficult this whole thing is for you but I’m sure you’ll be fine. Keep the faith.

  11. You will be in my thoughts. And way cool, Coach! Love that support.

    • oh kj! thank you! coach has been by my side pretty much the entire past 2 days…he has even been laying next to me in bed (his excuse to be lazy ha) and taking care of me very well… he’s gotten me everything i have asked for with very little sighing lol

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