Apr 132012

TGIF… right? ha! hope everyone had a great friday… i really like friday night… it’s my favorite night of the week….

the quote for today out of my new little book:

i see my reflection in the stainless of the tap. i know you, those seeking eyes. you’re the one in dire need of time, that thing we can’t buy, what we sell of ourselves to get more of what we think we want, what we sacrifice to seemingly gain. they say time is money but that’s not true. time is life.

time is life….

powerful stuff….

i had to read this quote a few times for it to sink in. we are always trying to find more time… sacrificing one thing in the hopes of gaining something else… all in the name of time. and no matter what we sacrifice, the time stays the same. can’t add any at all….

there are many days that i wish i had more time… time to do the things i really enjoy. so much of my time is spent working…. it’s that way for a large majority of folks…. and the time away from work is spent catching up on daily chores then resting up for the work coming the next day.

for most my life i have focused on work… and nothing more… it didn’t matter what i wanted to do, or would enjoy doing… i worked… but now i have been forced to slow down some… i have figured out the importance of doing the things that make me feel good – writing, drawing, taking pictures – but there is still work, which is necessary right now…

i guess what i’m getting at here is that it is all so frustrating these days… before i didn’t mind working and i love my job still… but i’m frustrated because now i have these other things i want to do and there’s no more time in the day than there was before LOL

it’s all rather convoluted… shit

so now that i’m done with all that rambling mess (sorry ’bout that), i’ll move on….

i am getting more and more requests and inquiries about drawings… exciting! i’m putting together another website to use for selling, marketing, and shoving my junk down people’s throats ha! i just have to decide on a good name… i have a few ideas…

  • being abby
  • abby boulevard
  • left of abby
  • jaded bull

before anyone asks… abby is short for abendroth… the new last name… not so clever but eh it’s how it is ha!

i like all 4 of those and the dot com is available for all 4 of them… the name i really really wanted isn’t available and that just sucks….   abby works…. oh well

i am making a list of words that i like or that mean something to me and trying them out in conjunction with abby and without the name as well… most of the words are synonyms for the original word i looked up…

  • hash
  • brain
  • broken
  • meld
  • gypsy
  • journey
  • unart, nonart, sorta art…
  • dump
  • fling
  • light
  • eye
  • soul
  • ink
  • splat
  • rain
  • weep
  • pearl
  • spit

i’ve been playing with various combinations and meanings of all these words trying to find the right sound… i don’t want anything long or too multi-syllabic… something that is easy to remember and maybe a bit catchy

i’m up for some input… ideas anyone?


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  11 Responses to “time is life”

  1. Time too much or not enough. It is constant want it to go faster or slower it will do the opposite of what I want or think I need. So what can one do choose not to waste it. As for work find a job that doesn’t feel like work if not. Remember work is what you do so you can afford to do the things you enjoy and love doing! Don’t forget work is just another four lettered word!

    I’m sure this will be way to long.
    Pearl’s from Abby’s Gypsy Journey.

  2. My vote is for Left of Abby. 🙂

  3. I second karen’s input on the name selection. No idea’s for a name but there is a lot of thought required I would think to find just the right one.

  4. Abby’s Eye

    good for you!! can’t wait to see how this evolves. 🙂

  5. I like the idea of using your surname with the word Gypsy or Journey. Abendroth Gypsy Art or Abendroth Journey Artwork. I think starting a website is a great idea. You could also sell your artwork on Etsy as well. It is cheaper then having a website and costs .20 cents to list an item and they keep it up for three months.

    Good luck on your Art Journey!

    I can completely relate to having to work all the time. I feel like that’s all I do. I recently signed up for an at home business which I was reluctant about doing but my investment is very minimal compared to many other at home startup businesses. Usually they cost 100 dollars or more this one costs about 40 total and you get a coach to help you build your business. I just started but am hoping it brings in enough money so I can quit my regular day job.

  6. Gypsey Abendroth Artworks?

    I think the others are right and you need to avoid any negatives. Please let us know what you decide.

    • i wrote down gypsy abendroth artworks last night… it’s on the list i was making before going to bed!

      i think i was trying to come up with something that describes me as opposed to describing the work or business…. but wasn’t thinking in negative terms but more sarcastic or making fun of me words…. but after reading all the comments i can see that it is maybe not the right way to go….

      thank you for your help! i will be sure to let you know what i end up with 🙂

      hope you are feeling well…. planting those bulbs yet?

  7. How about Abendinart? Both a okay in your name and your style of art, and not negative. I like what Karen said about nothing negative. She’s right. But Abby isn’t really a play on your name, it’s more of a nickname. ABENDdroth is using part of your name. Good luck with adding one more thing to do in your busy, time less life. and one with deadlines, too!. LOLOLOL

    • abby is a nickname… you are right…. it’s been coach’s nickname for year and it’s sort of bled over to me… i’m known as Mama A, Mrs. A, Mrs. Abby, Mama Abby LOL

      ahh time… maybe doing this will slowly allow me to push out that which i don’t like in my daily routine and increase the amount of time i send doing the things i actually want to do ….

      i like Abendart…

      and nothing negative… i’m going to keep making lists of words/names…. i have given myself until the 1st to come up with something and get the domain purchased

      thank you so much for your ideas!

  8. Ah yes…time! Never enough, and what there is goes so quickly! I think your idea of a website to sell your stuff is a great idea. You may be able to make enough money to quit that day job!

    Some thoughts on the name for your business. I was in the “art” biz for many years. I was a decorative painter, which means, I painted anything and everything, on anything and everything BUT canvas. I had a thriving business. Chose a name that “explains” the product that you are selling. Something catchy and cute really is of no use, if people have no idea what you are offering. You want to reach as many potential customers as you can, not cater to a niche group. Niche groups do not constantly spend a lot of money.

    And never go for anything negative!!! The name has to be either neutral, or better yet, project confidence. Broken, unart, nonart, sorta art, dump…etc, depicts work that is just that.

    Using your surname is a terrific idea. I would keep it simple and direct. Abendroth Artworks, Abendroth Art, Abendroth Graphics, Art by Abendroth…you get the idea.

    Well, that’s my two cents!


    • thank you so much for your input! it really helps…. i hadn’t really considered negative… i was trying to come up with something that describes all of it and was having a difficult time… i’m selling drawings for tattoos, wall-hangings, business cards, etc… and on then i’ve been getting requests for photographs too… so i tried and tried to come up with something that described both art styles but came up totally blank! lol

      i like your suggestions and will play with them

      and how did i miss somewhere that you were a painter? or did i forget? 🙂

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