Sep 172010


  • you know how when you get behind a school bus it goes soooo slow? but when you’re on a school bus, man those drivers are flying down the road!
  • i’ve put my ego in check at work…. it is what it is and i have to accept it.
  • i’m a smart woman who knows what she’s doing, and i’m good at it (most of the time)
  • our football teams suck so far
  • i love radio techie geek stuff at work
  • my new school term starts up next week – interpersonal communications and intro to criminal justice
  • my mom is doing so good! she is walking with no walkers or canes, she is getting ready to start driving again and she has returned to church and choir
  • i’m so proud of her!
  • i need a new laptop – argh
  • i wish my jaw problem would get better already. i’m tired of being in pain….
  • waking up in the middle of the night with a stuck jaw is scary… i had to cough but my mouth wouldn’t open… what if i was choking or something?
  • my work car is named christine – the lights randomly flash whenever they choose. even when she’s parked over night.
  • not just the headlights, but the police lights too! oh my! (i drive an unmarked car)
  • i’m not a cop
  • my favorite drink right now is 1 part orange juice and 7 parts water, with a couple packets of splenda – very hydrating and good (plus it helps stabilize my blood sugar)
  • yesterday morning i was REALLY dizzy when i woke up. don’t know why that happens… but it was extra bad yesterday
  • i love willie nelson’s song “over you again”… the music is fantastic… and of course i’m secretly in love with him so anything he does is god-like (ok so not a secret anymore)
  • i secretly love tony soprano too
  • when i was a kid and someone would ask what i wanted to be when i grow up – my answer was …. a mafia wife
  • you read that right
  • i really need to get motivated to exercise again
  • i have no days off until october 2nd
  • my kiddo is an angel. i love her so much and she deserves nothing but the best
  • i’m not pregnant (just thought i’d throw that in there)
  • and i’m really sick of eating tuna fish sandwiches!
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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