Mar 302012

starting my friday out with some music… really helps me wake up… and takes me back to a different time…a time when i didn’t feel like shit in the mornings…. when i could wake up, jump outta bed…. dressed and out the door… no second thoughts about how i was going to manage getting dressed, or making a cup of coffee… or spilling that cup of coffee ha!

it’s amazing to me how different i am now… how much thought has to go into every.single.action.

i guess on the surface that doesn’t seem like such a big deal…. but when i have to choose between activities – which is more important this morning – because by choosing i can have enough gumption to get in my car and go to work…. there’s no way to really explain it in a way that can be understood, unless of course you have some beast living in your body too…

i didn’t sleep last night… not very well… i was up every 2 hours all night long… restless body syndrome… haha it’s frustrating because i have to get up and meet deadlines and be in certain places at certain times… and i have to be on my game…

bitch session over now…. thanks for tuning in!

and i choose to have a good day… i choose to be happy ….


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “time after time”

  1. Not sleeping I can relate most of the time don’t bother going into bed. Great song music has a calming effect so I can get up and go . My choice is to treat each day is a gift, how could I not be happy! Hope your day is or was good. Have a great weekend!

    • the not sleeping part really sucks bleh

      i love music… just love it… all kids… and finding a good song each morning so helps me out…

      and each day is truly a gift… sometimes it’s hard to remember that but mostly i just choose to be happy each morning as i’m taking care of that waking up business

  2. I’m right there with you, Sherri! Mornings are so difficult. I don’t work anymore, and I still have problems revving up my motor in the AM.

    • just hate the mornings! lol and the funny thing is that on the days i can sleep in…. i don’t…. i wake up automatically… and it gets so dang frustrating! lol

  3. I got a Cyndi CD for my birthday! And I am choosing to be happy today as well.

    • her voice is just incredible! i always took her for granted until i heard her sing on the We are the World project… she has the step up transition in the song and her voice reached out and slapped me in the face! incredible talent…

      and i love her quirkiness 🙂

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