Mar 292012

i want a samsung galaxy note…. i want one….

but not at $500+! holy shit!

did you see that rep who put a hoodie on while speaking on the floor? the politicians are doing everything within their power to distract us from the election… or what is supposed to be an election… there has been so much dirty pool going on that it’s hard to determine who is the least morally corrupt person to choose for the job… seriously… can’t we get back to the real issues at hand? not that this florida story isn’t devastating. …. but it’s the same story that is going on in every city across the country… same story… people are killing people, vigilante justice is being doled out, racism, theft, thugs, crimes against people, crimes against property… it’s increasing too… but see, if the politicians would get their heads outta their asses and figure out how to fix things, crime would go back down…. people who are hungry and have no shelter, or those in fear of losing shelter etc, those people are going to go out there and TAKE what they need….why is that so hard to figure out?

as for other crime, well it’s always been around and always will be i suspect… but there are people out there committing acts of violence out of frustration and then there are those out there stealing and such so they can feed their families and make a buck or two….

sad really

i watched idol last night… i don’t typically watch it until it gets down to the last 5 who are remaining…. that’s when the talent gets good…. and i wasn’t disappointed last night… there were a few who i think shouldn’t be there at this point, but overall, some real talent last night… and the best part of it all? the biggest bonus for me deciding to watch last night? STEVIE NICKS AND LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM… holy cow! i was shocked when i saw them there…. i love fleetwood mac… and stevie nicks’ voice is without a doubt one of the best female voices in the history of music…not to mention her style… her flare…. she is an amazing woman….

she told that one kid, phillip phillips, that had it been 1975 he would’ve been a member of fleetwood mac… they even pointed out how much he looked like lindsey back in the day… and then the other girl, can’t recall her name… stevie cried when she sang…. and then she asked the girl to sing with her….

now, i can’t sing….well, i can but not something anyone would want to hear ha!

but – i think i would’ve wet myself then cried then passed out then wet myself again if stevie nicks asked me to sing with her – wow

just wow

moving on…

first round state playoffs for soccer start tomorrow night… our guys are good… really good… i hope they go deep in the playoffs!

football on saturday… hoping the team can come together as a team and pull this thing off….

off to work!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  2 Responses to “thursday’s thoughts”

  1. all the phone gimmicks – most become unused after the initial novelty wears off – but toys are fun! Good reception and no lost signals tend to bring more happiness in the long run for me. At these prices I wonder how long before they have cell stations – you know where you pay to make a call? LOL oh yeah we had those phone booths right?

    Crime has always been around – the balance of good and evil – the pendulum has swung towards the negative I think. Politicians take lessons form magicians – keep the masses focused on one hand while the other does the deed.

    I missed Idol because I too do not watch until the last five or four. Oh well. I was in the battle to the death LOL in my game – augh got a bit further than where I was but . …

  2. My favs in order…. Landslide, Dreams and Rhiannon. In the late 70s I had a girlfriend that would sing Dreams to me. Over. Over. And over again. She was good, and I would just lie there and listen. Looking back I was probably closing my eyes and dreaming that it was Stevie.

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