Mar 042010

so thursday is here. this is a tough morning for me. i’m trying really hard to be happy. what i mean is…i am happy, but i am also very very sad. i look in the mirror and see my face…it’s soooo puffy! my eyes are awful! i put makeup on but it’s not really helping. i will get through this day, just as always. but i remain sad. i think i will always have a little sad place in my heart.

i have decided that i don’t want another dog. i have gone back and forth on the matter. but i really don’t want another dog. it’s too hard. i get much too attached to the animals. they are so pure and loving. much more so than a lot of people i know. this quality makes it easy to become so very attached to them. so…no more dogs for me. i can’t put myself through this again.

we leave for mcallen this afternoon. more like this evening. this is a good thing. the timing is good. lots of things this weekend to keep my mind occupied. randy is in a power-lifting meet. we will be busy. and before we make it to mcallen, we are stopping in rockport. harold is going to fix one of my teeth for me. he’s my stepfather and he’s a dentist. how handy is that?

  •  March 4, 2010
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