Jan 062011


since i had such a fabulous time of it last time, i think i’ll have another go round in the tube of meditation (MRI machine)

  • not really by choice
  • doc thinks it’s a good idea… checking for a new lesion… or 2 or 3 or 4, or more?…. since i have this numbness and suffered that suicidal-level pain for 2 weeks
this is NOT my messy mind… one day i will post my pretty brain
  •  if i had to guess… i would say i have more lesions
  • but what fun would this MS adventure be without new lesions to spice it up?
  • hadcentex renegade practice last night…. that’s the semi-pro team coach landed with.. he’s the defensive coordinator – go coach!
  • the practice field is in a city park…. nice…surrounded by trees….
  • about 45 minutes into practice… police helicopter…blacked out… circling
  • for 2 hours at least
  • found out there were two robberies within a 4 block radius of the park
  • 1 store clerk shot
  • 1 suspect fled
  • i see the story has been updated…. they caught them… both juveniles…. capital murder charges involved…lovely
  • my bible is packed away with all my stuff... in a nice storage place… expensive storage place…
  • so far i have paid $2,430.00 for storage rent… holy shit!
  • i miss having my bible… that was the point here
  • so i found an electronic one on the world wide web… imagine that!
  • i put it here… well it’s up there… on the tab labeled “the bible”
  • bet you wouldn’t have figured that one out eh?
  • oh… wait! this is cool…..
  • i was reading over at have myelin?’s blog
  • her mom gave her a zentangle book!
  • way cool! I FULLY INTEND TO DO THIS!

here’s some sample zentangles i stole from various spots on the web so you can see what they are:


  • i will have this!
  • i will create!
  • but i half  have to wait til February
(MS kicked in on that one word… damn brain fog…i never did that kind of thing before)
  • the thing about working for a school district… or the state for that matter…. you only get paid once a month
  • now normally i LOVE this… all bills paid on the 1st…. no matter what
  • but this time of the year it sucks
  • we get paid on the last working day of the month… so in December it was the 17th… last day of work for the month
  • and we don’t get paid again until JANUARY 31st
  • that is a really long ass time
  • so we are broke…. oh well… blog on! it’s free

p.s. did you notice what a good blogger i am today?  just look at all those links i included! they say that’s a rule of good blogging… whoever “they” is…. ha! way to go Sherri… you good little blogger (it’s free, remember)

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