Jul 262012

There are so many mosquitos outside this morning! Holy shit! I drenched myself in Off Repellant and still I was being attacked. The price I pay for being so incredibly sweet I suppose. All I was trying to do was pit a bit o’water on the grass. I found that if I water in the morning and then again in the evening the grass will stay nice and green. If I miss just one water session, man, everything browns up in one day. Even the weeds wither and close up.

We watched Any Given Sunday last night. Al Pacino movies are always good. He is such a versatile actor. But every time I see him in a movie I can’t help but think of him as the devil… byproduct of that one movie…shoot, my brain is not working… can’t think of the name… I hate it when this happens.

I found a museum here that looks pretty interesting. (Actually there are a few museums) The International Museum of Art & Science… I might have to take myself a field trip… wonder should I have Coach sign a permission slip? Nah. The other museum(s) that I thought looked interesting are a part of South Texas College… and they have some really neat looking events/exhibitions coming up. Much of it is interactive from what I can tell. And! They offer free admission on Thursday evenings.

I grew up in Houston and the one thing I miss the most about that city is the museum district. Even when I was living in Los Angeles, the museums didn’t come close to comparing… in fact, nowhere I have lived in this country have the museums compared. I sort of miss Allen’s Landing too. I have good memories of time spent there with my Dad. (and of course “screamy park” – remember that one Dad?) Miller’s Theater was always lots of fun too. It is an outdoor amphitheater with a HUGE grassy hill. We used to roll down that hill… or sometimes, if one could find a suitable piece of cardboard, sliding down the side of the hill. Great fun! These are some of the best things about Houston. Mostly, I have NO desire to go back to that city. It’s so busy and rushed and big… it brings out all sorts of anxiety for me.

I don’t know that gun control will really solve the problem of mass killing incidents. In reality, how often do these types of tragedies occur? Not as often as it seems, but it sticks with us because the emotional impact is so high. My thought is that even if gun control is implemented… even if big brother goes knocking door to door and confiscates all guns, these tragedies will still happen. A person who wants to commit this type of act will find a way… it may be with explosive devices, poisons, gases, and so on. Now if they wanted to limit the TYPE of weapons a person can legally own, I might be more open to that. I guess that being a Texan, growing up with guns all around me; I’m pretty loose about it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like guns. They scare me. I have no interest in carrying a gun or other weapon; I have no interest in hanging around at the gun range shooting junk. But I must admit that I feel better knowing that Coach has a few guns and isn’t at all afraid to use them for protection.

I just finished filling out form 3373 for the almighty SSA. What an extensive form! Holy cow… it’s taken me 3 days to complete it. I only hope I answered the questions in a way that helps my case instead of getting it all just chucked in file 13. I sought some advice and help before filling it out though. I hope it works. I can’t tell you how nice it would be to know that at some point, there will be money coming in. Okay, I know there will be money coming in again. Coach will be getting his pay from the new job in a few months. But for right now, we are sitting in payday limbo. It’s very frightening to know there is nothing coming in, nothing pending. Eek!

I’m thinking that today I will go to Hobby Lobby and make some notes. Window shopping is fun and it will give me a good idea of what I want. I have so many things on my list but I would like to see them in person, see how much it costs, and see how reasonable it is that these are things I will actually use. At any rate, the store is lots of fun to me.

One of my favorite things to take photographs of is fire… There was a point in time a few years ago where I had the opportunity to hang around the TEEX fire field. I loved going to public burn night and taking pictures of the fire folks doing their thing.

These photos are a few years old but I thought I’d share them because they are neat (I think)

P.S. I just read in the news that Robert Duvall is filming a movie in the area. Another possible field trip?

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. oh, hobby lobby…. I’m so happy no one can see me drool this way.
    have you ever taken photos of fire using the night vision setting? its amazing.

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