Jun 192012


  • have you ever noticed that commercials are generally broadcast at about 1,000 db louder than the programs? i hate that crap
  • there is one commercial in particular that has been playing all day every day, and night time too
  • i bet it’s on about 638 times a day… at least
  • i don’t watch tv much but it’s on so i hear it…. and this one commercial… oh man
  • all along i’ve been thinking that it’s for some monster truck show or something
  • boy was i wrong

  • i didn’t really pay attention to it until coach asked if i planned on going to the show…the only part of the commercial that was really registering in my head was “thunder from down under”… so loud
  • pft …. nope, not going…. not really my cup o’tea
  • i got myself some little nails yesterday and have begun hanging up my wing dings and wam wams….starting to feel like home around here
  • and i’ve been burning my nag champa…. love that stuff!
  • we got a spot o’rain today… about 4 minutes worth… but it was enough to knock the temperature down about 3 degrees…
  • anything helps at this point
  • i’m going to start working on a digital art class i bought a few months ago… i have all the pdf’s and videos so i’m good to go
  • wish me luck! i’ve not done much with digital art, or any art for that matter
  • but i love learning new things and digital…well, i love the ‘puter 🙂
  • i’m trying to decide what to make for dinner….i have a slow cooker… i have been thinking about tossing in some ground meat, stewed tomatoes, rice, and i don’t know what else
  • the only thing holding me back is that if it doesn’t turn out, well, i’ve wasted all that food!
  • something we can’t afford for me to do right now ha!


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  2 Responses to “thunder from down under”

  1. Ha ha! I love that yoga cartoon. When I go in my hot tub (naked) my boobs look so fabulous! I told my fiancé that it was how they looked when I was young. I told my 14 year old daughter to love her boobs now and enjoy their perkiness because one day that are going to be like the elastic in a pair of old underwear.

    • LOL “like the elastic in a pair of old underwear” that is freakin hilarious!

      i enjoy the swimming pool because not only do i feel like i can walk a bit better, but also because my boobs tend to go back their normal positioning… much like your hot tub… ahh, how i miss having things where they are meant to be

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