Jul 292012

Oh the sweet relief of money. I hate to be that way. I hate that money is the core of all life these days. Money is evil. But we cannot survive (very easily anyway) without it. And we have been without it for a few months now. But not anymore! For now. I had just arrived at the point in which I was going to take my uber sexy ass down to the corner and see about making some grocery money… (okay, not really mostly because I don’t think anyone would pay me much for anything) big pay-off came in the mail late yesterday. Ah. Can you sense it? My shoulders have relaxed. My back is no longer tightened – at least not from the stress. The dull ache in my noggin’ is beginning to let up a bit. Amazing, isn’t it?

Tonight for dinner is frozen pizza. I tried to convince Coach that it would be okay to cook them on the BBQ grill… really. Pizza is VERY good when cooked this way. He’s more than a little skeptical. So I just fired up the oven and we’ll do them inside. They are good that way too. The big advantage to cooking on the grill as opposed to the oven (other than the extremely good flavor of grilled pizza) is the tin can doesn’t get so hot from having the oven on for an hour. I poured the wine and am really looking forward to my pizza pie J

Today is Sunday. Duh. But you know what we were able to do? Open up new bank accounts! I cannot believe that there are banks open on Sundays, but there are. It feels good to have that done. Now all that is left is to finish up closing out the other bank account from that other city. This mundane task has made things feel more permanent somehow. And I really like the idea of having my money right down the road instead of 300+ miles away.

After the bank tasks were completed, we headed to the H.E.B. (grocery store for those of you who are non-Texans) to pick up a few necessary items. Not big grocery shopping, I will do that tomorrow morning. Let me tell you, Sunday is NOT a good day for shopping around these parts. Holy shit. People are everywhere… leaving baskets in the middle of the paths, running into one another, kids running in and out of everything and everyone. I have never seen anything quite like it… I swear! One would think we’d learn our lesson after our last shopping experience at this store… but nooooo! And I got to wondering if it is only H.E.B. that we encounter this chaos… it’s not. It’s at other stores too. I have decided that it’s just the time of day… I need to stick with my plan to do the shopping first thing in the mornings while folks are at work and kids are safely at home or the sitters’.

At one point we were up near the check-out area getting ready to pull into a lane when I felt someone behind me closing in and slightly bumping me. I’m walking slowly because, well, it’s hot and I have MS. Anyway, I turned to see who was so rudely hitting me with the cart… it was an old guy on one of those electric carts ramming into me! His son (an adult) was walking next to him looking at me oddly. I pushed my cart over to the edge up against a display to allow them to pass. The son said “thank you” and I smirked. My word! I think they need to put a governor chip on those damn electric carts. And what the hell… one disabled person running over another? I expect that from normal folks but not from another disabled person!

Sometimes lately, heck, most days, it seems like the blogging world as I know it is dying away. I remind myself that it is summer time and traditionally that means people aren’t blogging, visiting, and leaving thoughts spread across the interwebs as much. I miss the community of what it was before. I miss the interaction. I’m not here for the comments and visits, although they are very nice and I do so enjoy reading the thoughts of others. I am here because I love doing this. I enjoy sitting down and hacking out my thoughts and trying to find creative ways to do it. I submit that for the past several months, my humor moxie has shifted and wilted. I keep hoping that it will return…the more words I hack out, it will come back. I don’t know if that’s the right way to think of it or not. Nevertheless, I will remain and keep on doing this.

Eventually, there will be enough good and fun content here to start picking through it all for the infamous book… not a book for the masses, but a book for my grandgirls. A “This was your Granny” type of book is what I have in mind… doo dads, thoughts, images, scanned mementos and the like… all compiled into a nice book for the girls. It’s a huge project but I think that going about it in this manner is the easiest way, and the most productive. I am getting the words down, the stories out, and sometimes even mentioning what’s in the news or something about the social climate of the day.


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Sherri, my mind is fried. I called you Karen and messed up the quote. Sorry! The quote is “Money is not everything, but not having IT is.”

  2. Karen, even though I am not commenting, I am reading your tale of moving between two cities and loving it. You do a great job of placing us there to the minutest detail. Forgive me if I don’t comment often, but it is not because I am uninterested in what you have to say. I love it. As for money, I remember someone saying, “Money is not everything, but NOT having is.”

  3. Oh, man. I understand the stress of not having money. I just looked at my income tax return from last year and shuddered to remember that I only made $11, 000 last year. I was so broke that I could not afford food. Though it was a hard time I have no regrets as I was able to care for my mom that year and spend her last days together. Now that I have a steady income I am making it a point to never forget the time of being poor.
    If I was with you when that old guy was bumping you I would have said something. I am always getting into confrontations when it comes to things like that. Does he forget what it is like to not have full mobility? What an ass. I am getting pissed off just thinking about it. There has been several incidents when I have approached people parking in handicapped spots that don’t have the placard.

  4. I’ve been naughty on a lot of blogs and just reading them. I promise to do better and make comments — they’re the lifeblood of blogging. I don’t like it when I get only a few remarks, so I have to keep that in mind. I do like it when the author responds to the comments made — not everyone does that.
    So glad your money worries have eased up. MS can be such a financial drain. I rarely go into supermarkets anymore, and with the kind of crowd you describe, I’d go crazy!

    I love the idea of the books you and Karen are making. I think I’d like to do the same. I think I’d make it a “history” since these little grandies will be living in such a modern world.


    • you have left me many comments! and they are very much appreciated 🙂

      now that i am getting more settled in my routines and emotions, i’m working on getting better at this blogging thing – visiting, leaving comments and such. i got into the bad habit of just reading everything in Google Reader instead of actually clicking on through. i’m changing that! i’m guilty of being a bad blogger…

      i hate shopping… always have… and now even more so. i’m glad that i’m able to still go though. mostly we shop in spurts since i can’t walk the stores for a decent length of time anymore… pft

  5. Money can’t buy happiness, but gee, I’d be happier if I had enough to survive in comfort!

    I don’t go out shopping much anymore. I can’t do the walking, or put up with rude people. I just hand over a list to Hubber’s, and wait for his half dozen phone call queries when he can’t figure out what I have written on the list.

    I’ve noticed the blogging community is quiet these days. I have 3 blogs, and I know I am not posting as much as I did, nor are others. I try to post once a week and comment on other’s as often as I can.

    I too am making a “book(s)” of sorts for my granddaughter. We spend a lot of time together and we both love taking photos of those times. I have one book for each two years since she was born. We are starting on book 4 this year. I love to look back at the first couple, looking at her artwork, her “writing”, all the photos and my thoughts at the time. It’s a fun project!

    • oh karen! i wish i would’ve thought of the books for the grandgirls as you are doing them! how fun! i am asking their mom and other family members to send me pictures, artwork, and other memento type things to scan and include…

      money certainly doesn’t buy happiness… the good thing is that being so poor these past few months, we never really stressed or became to anxious.. just a bit on the inside… whew!

      i am so grateful to be able to still go to the grocery, even though i truly hate shopping. and since i can’t go for more than 1/2 hour at a time, that means we usually have to go more than once in a week… i hate that part. i’m going to have to bite the bullet and get one of those crazy carts for myself next time ithink

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