Oct 142011

been a busy couple of days…. work, football, work, football… and then throw in a bit of laundry and such…well, just busy…

one of the grandgirls has a broken finger.. poor girlie… she managed to slam her hand in the car door…she was outside alone when it happened… after smooshing her hand in the door, she then pulled it out… can you say OUCH!?

kylie finger


not a great picture, but you get the general idea… it’s broken in two places… and she’s wearing a splint now… guess there has to be a first broken bone at some point…

the ol football team is winning…. last night JV cleaned it up and tonight the varsity boys did the same… i don’t recall the exact score but it was something like A LOT – NOT SO MUCH…. i think it was 50 something to 7…

i started a new medication last week… baclofen... and let me tell you i don’t like it one little bit…. oh sure, it does what it’s intended to do… it stops the rigidity, the spasms, and the pain that goes with it… but it also relaxes some other muscles that i don’t really want relaxed… for example, um, the bladder…. not cool… not cool a’toll… let’s just assume i’m done with that little white pill… i would rather deal with some funky chicken walkin than the bladder with no control!

i’ve been practicing with my new fancy pens… i haven’t done much beyond learning basic strokes so far but it’s coming along… i might be ready to make a genuine, real letter pretty soon ha! calligraphy and other fancy lettering isn’t as easy as one might think it would be… i keep repeating to myself “one line at a time” … i’ll get there, i have confidence that i’ll find a style of lettering that is me – one that compliments the drawings i’ve been making…

i’ve noticed over the past year that the drawings have really evolved… when i compare the first one with the most recent, i can really see a difference… my own style is coming through…

and the middle

and the most current

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Since I have already succumbed to the incontinence, and have solved it with an SP catheter (which isn’t so bad, considering the alternative.) fear nor, it took me 25 years to get to this stage.

    Now for baclofen, it only took me six months to become dependent on that. I was at 60 mg. a day for many years, then I weaned myself off of it for my “good” in-between years. 16 years with invisible disability. Now I take anywhere from 0 to 120 mg. baclofen daily. No other side effects for me, luckily.

    I did talk my neuro into prescribing methocarbamol for me for a few years. It helped, marginally. It is classified as a skeletal mm. relaxant, but as with most drugs, they don’t know exactly how it works.

    It sounds like you’re one of those who are very sensitive to meds.

  2. I did the finger in the car door at umm I shall guess eight yrs old . … OUCH but yeah always the firstbroken bone – hope it will be the one and only.

    I read up baclofen and passed.

    Awesome art as alway

  3. Ouchy…poor little finger!
    Baclofen, accckkkkkkk, I don’t do big gun drugs like that. I take a mild muscle relaxer (methocarbamol) on occasion. I have nasty spasms but it takes the edge off, and doesn’t have such icky side effects. I find yoga and stretching exercises really help with spasticity and stiffness.
    Your tangles are wonderful!


  4. I’m so blessed to have gotten an original. Not that I don’t like the new style because I do, but I have an ORIGINAL Me’ Cherri…..I’m so special.
    Keep it up gal. It’s beautiful. Maybe a beautiful gal down in South Texas will create a new little sumpin sumpin for her fat, bald bucktoothed friend up North???

  5. Awesome pics! I thought the first ones were great but you just keep getting better with time.

    • thank you Lillian! it has been a learning experience and i’m sure it will continue to be so… interesting to me to see how it’s developing for me

  6. Damn girl!!! Stop pissin yo pants already!!! Wait….don’t we ALL do that to some degree once we’ve popped a couple of kids out??

    When I read the name of that medicine, what I see is “BACK OFF, MAN!!!!”

    Loving your drawings, you know it. My cross is still on the wall in my room 🙂

    • LOL i so want to stop pissin my pants! hahaha i’m done with that medicine… i just hope that is what is causing the problem and not the beast itself… i’m so not ready for depends for the next 30 or so years

  7. I can’t believe you drew those pics! Nice.
    The baclofen…..forgot it has an effect on the bladder.
    So thats why I……..

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