Jan 272011


  • man, i wish i could find some way to keep my feet warm!
  • last night we had soccer game at 6pm 
  • after that was football practice… it was cold!
  • i wore many layers: long john shirt, tshirt, hoodie, coat….leggings, yoga pants, wind pants
  • i had a wool beret, gloves, and a wool blanket
  • it was only 47 outside
  • i was freakin’ cold! my feet were numb but they hurt like hell at the same time!
  • soccer boys are doing good
  • people are starting to get worried about their jobs around the school district
  • such a sad thing
  • this is one broke-ass girl
  • we FINALLY get paid again monday… thank goodness
  • wharton isd… i don’t know much about wharton… haven’t been there is 26 years or so
  • i hope i can find me a job where ever we land
  • but i’d really like to work from home
  • so many scams out there though……
  • happy thursday y’all!
  • this was a lame post… it’ll get better when i’m more awake ha!
  •  January 27, 2011
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