Jul 042011

we had a good 4th of July… didn’t do hardly anything at all… i was due for a day like this…. we watched the rest of closing arguments this morning…yes i’m all caught up in the casey anthony trial… it’s a very interesting case… incredibly dysfunctional family…. hard to know what is truth and what is not… i’m not jumping on the bandwagon of her guilt…don’t get me wrong, she is guilty of something but i’m not convinced she is guilty of murder… lots for that jury to sort through…

took a nap …boy that was nice..but when i woke up i found that it was really hot in the tin can… i was miserable…. tried cooling off…sat in front of the fans and such… bleh

finally coach & decided to go somewhere to cool off…as we were leaving the house we got a call…an invite to play BINGO! now being raised Catholic, i love BINGO…. it was fun tonight…. i didn’t win anything…but shoot, for $6 can’t hardly go wrong…

i was thinking on the way home…scary i know…. we give money to the homeless… 50 cents or a buck here and there…but by the end of the year, i’m sure it all adds up…. wonder if kept a receipt book in my car and had the subject of my giving sign it…. you know… “I, [insert name here], received [insert amount here] from Sherri Stakes on [date]”… well, if i turned all receipts in with my taxes…do you think i could write it off as charitable contributions? just wondering….

i’m teaching for the next few days… i enjoy that part of my job… although it is cutting in to my forced vacation/furlough at the regular job….


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I didn’t do much of anything for the 4th either, although his weekend was the Essence, which is a fairly big deal here in New Orleans.


  2. Ok a tin can? surely that is a bit harsh!
    Bingo can be addicting especially if you win.


    • lol i’ve always referred to it as a tin can!! ha

      bingo is very addicting! and it is so fun to play with those dobber inky things

  3. Pleas don’t call that darling RV a tin can. Fiberglas or aluminum can would be more accurate ;).

    • you are right… it’s fiberglass… but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

      fiberglass can vs tin can….

  4. The answer to the tax deductible question is no. Only deductions to nonprofit organizations and charitable organizations that are registered with the IRS are deductible.

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