Nov 112010

>i think something is wrong with my brain… duh! ha!

i have absolutely no focus… no ability to organize my thoughts… okay well some ability but it’s not my normal right now… i’m adjusting to some meds… i’m thinking about a lot of things… i’m making no decisions, just data mining right now…

as for the MS junk… well nothing much has changed… symptoms are still with me… not going away, although sometimes a bit better, sometimes a bit worse… mornings are tough… it’s pretty slow going… my best time of the day is between 10-12 in the mornings…

the company called me that is sending me Copaxone… finally. they got all my particulars and will be sending it on to the select pharmacy… whatever that is… the pharmacy will deal with my insurance and red tape… once it’s all approved they will ship my first month’s supply of injections… ugh. a nurse is going to come out when everything gets here… they like for someone to be here for the first shot just in case… in case what? i know… reactions … questions… etc.

i have been keeping a notebook with me because i can’t remember shit… i think of all these fabulous things i want to write and when i sit down… poof! they are gone… anywho… here’s what i have written in my  notebook thus far (no details on the thoughts yet, just the thoughts)…

  • “you don’t need teeth to eat my beef” 
  • made it through an entire fire drill without having to pee
  • crazy billboards around Austin right now.. socks, sandals, jean shorts… weird
  • having some extra fat is good for the Copaxone shots… great, i got that part right!
  • lots of talk about teachers carrying guns during school….
  • the morning DJs on KLBJ got into a pretty heated argument…nasty stuff
  • passed a funeral procession on the freeway… sadness… said a prayer for the family
  • what the hell is TITTY BINGO? been seeing stickers on poles…
  • am i working to live or living to work….?
  • pecan brownies… yuck… brownies should be browines! chocolate! 
  • did some career counseling… graphic arts, author/writer, teacher… 

there you have it… tuesday’s random list of things i noticed during the day… i may expand on some of them… maybe all of them, who knows… ha!

i have thought about starting a Q & A thingy… don’t know if it would work or be interesting at all… i thought about having readers ask questions or bring up topics and i will write about them… i don’t know… sounds pretty egotistical or something…

and where the hell is winter? not super cold, snowy, windy winter… but 50’s would be nice…. i’d even settle for consistent 60’s right now!

sorry for the crappy post… but this is great example of what my mind is doing right now ha!! (when i chose the title of my blog a bit over a year ago, who would’ve thought it would be so appropriate now?)

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. >Not crappy at all. Sounds like the normal working of a busy woman's mind.

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