Sep 042012

Well, isn’t this a fine how do ya’ do? Pft. My stupid left eye is giving me fits. I noticed last night that sometimes things appear extra bouncy. It would come & go… I just figured I was tired – mostly because I was. This morning when I woke up things appeared to be okay… the world was its usual rosy self. But as the hours have clicked by me things have declined – only in the left eye. I was driving down the road when all of the sudden there was a ghost following everything around (scary thing when you’re driving). The left eye is very watery like only ½ of me is crying. When I cover the right eye the whole world takes on this soft glow that is quite annoying. When I cover the left eye things are pretty crisp. I’m not likin’ this new development. There is a bit of pressure behind the eye but no pain or anything… yet. Please Lord, let this just be a cold or something coming on.

Coach has been in desperate need of some new kicks so this morning I went over to the Academy store. I managed to find him some that he likes (I was sending him pictures on my cell phone) for a reasonable price. Then I moseyed on over to the women’s clothing division… oh my! So many clearance racks! I found me a couple of skorts made of dry fit material… perfect!! And cheap… even more perfect!! And actually, it turns out they were cheaper than I originally thought… since everything is a bit ghost like, when reading the price tags I got things wrong… in my favor though so that’s pretty alright. There were lots of things on those clearance racks I liked but I have to be careful… I don’t want Coach getting after many about spending his hard earned money (although his sole reason for working, living, & breathing is ME)

That’s it… that’s all I’ve got for today. I’m going to finish eating my lunch then maybe I can manage to sketch a bit again…

Oh, for my lunchtime entertainment I’m listening to this (Van Morrison is my 2nd all-time favorite artist ever….)

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “The World has a Soft Glow”

  1. Every now and then (mostly when I am badly overtired) I get double vision to the point where I effectively have no usable vision at all. Fortunately it has been very temporary and settles when I am better rested.
    Sending healing vibes your way.

  2. I never really knew how to explain the eye sight thing, but you did well.
    I hate that my eyes are failing, but I NEED my ears to feel safe. This is me bargaining with God. Okay, if my eyes are going to fail I’ll be okay with it as long as you let me keep my ears. What stage of grief is bargaining with God? LOL

  3. I wouldn’t mess around with that eye. Get it looked at! I never had those MS eye problems, but before being diagnosed, I found that when I get really fatigued, everything got very bright.
    Lucky you with the bargains!

    • i haven’t had too many eye problems but i am sensitive to bright lights. shortly after my dx i needed glasses… bifocals… ugh. but since that time they’ve been “stable”… i haven’t had to change my precription or anything. until now… i’m making an appointment as soon as our insurance information arrives… new job = new insurance & waiting for all the paperwork…. fun stuff

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