Jul 222010

I must start out saying that I write my blog for myself. And for a year I had no readers, no comments, nothing…and that was fine. It is all for me…mostly. But since I joined a few blogging communities, I have acquired some blog friends who leave me comments…and I LOVE it!! I don’t know why exactly…ego, validation, contact with another human being….

It is a shame that blogger is having so many problems with the comment feature…and it’s making me crazy! Ok well not literally crazy but it’s so frustrating! LOL I know people are still visiting my blog and taking a look-see but no new comments…. I am assuming it’s because the feature is all jacked up…that’s my ego-self talking. My self-loathing self says maybe nothing has been worthy of a comment haha Anywho…. I hope they get all the little bugs fixed and soon!!

Happy blogging everyone!

  •  July 22, 2010
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