Oct 232011

there is a txdot employee that doesn’t know how to spell lurking around austin… today is the Ironman event here… and the starting point, as well as the location for some of the main events, is just about 1/2 mile from my house…ok back to txdot… they always put up those road signs… you know, the ones that are lit up and sit on a trailer on the side of the road

so they have put one of these up on the road near my home… and no, it doesn’t mention anything about zombies! but what it does say is this:

Bike Rase Sunday 10/23/11

ok so i would think the person that the person who types in the words for these signs, who happens to be a state employee, would be able to spell something such as RACE… guess i was wrong… i laugh every time i pass that sign… and it’s been up for just over a week…

i got a new (to me) camera… it arrived on friday afternoon… i’m so excited! i used to do photography… and even got paid for it… junk like weddings, baptisms, parties, head shots, bands, cd demo inserts, etc… about 6 years ago ALL my equipment was stolen.. every bit of it… i was devastated! i had so much money wrapped up in cameras, lenses, studio lights, and all the other stuff that goes into it… even had darkroom equipment for my film cameras… all of it, gone… so…

a friend upgraded her camera stuff and sold me her camera, 55-200 lens, and some accessory items for a really good price! thank you friend! i took it to the game friday night – which we won btw – and shot a few things on full automatic settings

so i’m learning about his camera… as you can see, the little flash that is built in, although a really good flash for it’s type, is not going to be enough for all things… but i kinda already knew that… friday night was a chance for me to shoot with everything set to automatic and see what the limits in that mode are…. some pics turned out okay (not great, but okay) and others like the cheerleader up there are much too dark…

but all is good… after i read the 2 books that were included i will have a firm understanding of the techie junk on this camera… things will get better… and experimental… that is one of my favorite parts of photograpy – experimenting with all things.. composition, depth of field, lighting sources… contrast, subject matter, etc… such a fun thing!

let’s see… what else…

oh yes… LBJ defeated McCallum friday night.. huge upset for many… but it was the best payback for the vandalism the McCallum kids imposed upon the LBJ school building and grounds… i think it backfired on them honestly… you see, generally these rivalry things are intended to upset and anger the victim, thus causing them to lose focus on the impending game, which in turns weakens them in some cases… and this allows the turds to win…

well, our kids just got flaming, boiling pissed off!  and for once, amazingly, they were smart enough to use that emotion on the field instead of letting it distract them… or instead of piling into their bat-mobiles and going over to kick some ass friday morning… something was said that smartened them up that morning… not sure who or what said it…but it worked… and our football team won instead of going to jail for assault ha!

our playoff spot was solidified… although we were already a sure thing going in to this last game… we are undefeated in our district… woot! and we only have one more game this season… we play Reagan HS on the 4th.. and we will win… no doubt… poor Raiders, bless their hearts…

then playoffs… they start on the 10th… we will be up against either Lake Travis or Cedar Park… we are really hoping for CP… if we get them first, we will have a chance to make it to the second round of playoffs… if we get LT, we are ducks in the water… done on the first round… just the way it is…

coach met with the other coaches for the semi-pro team he’s working with this year… we changed teams… well, actually, coach was fired last season by the jerry jones wanna be owner of the renegades….i think i wrote about it… oh, yes… here

anyhoo… so this year we are with the Outlaws… and the cool thing is that most of coach’s players from the rabid team of last season are coming with him… they are loyal to their coach 🙂 that speaks volumes about the man…

i’m still working on card designs… thank you for your input… i know the work was shoddy and unkempt.. it was done on these little scraps of paper and i was trying to get an idea on lettering and other things to put into a design… i’m working on that this afternoon… laying out the card and start drawing the actual card designs in the size that i have chosen…in my mind’s eye they look pretty darn good ha!

ok, so i think there was more i had saved up to talk about but for the love of my soul, i cannot figure out what it was… my ding dang brain is damaged

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Glad you got a new toy to play with. It must have been heartbreaking to have all your equipment stolen, just like with Coach’s tools. Drug addled thieves… I’ll bet they didn’t get a tenth what the stuff was worth.

    • i always thought the same thing – they didn’t get near what the equipment was worth… really broke my heart… and coupled with the other things that were stolen, well, it was really devastating!

  2. I wanna rase. I have much more chance of winning a rase than any race. I would have giggled too. Thanks.

    I really, really like the first photo. You capture the movement of the material in their dresses so well.

    • i just thought it was so funny every time i saw it…

      i think the first photo is my favorite of that night… it was so lucky that the wind started blowing just then

  3. Rase? The sad thing is nobody has noticed it and fixed it yet. Oh well, at least it makes someone smile.
    I like the pictures and I am glad you have a camera again..

  4. Woot! They WON! Congrats to Coach.
    Since he is coaching semi pro does he should come coach with our Mountain LionsMountain Lions.

    Don’t take too many pics I hear that the digital processing is expensive LOL LOL


    • it was such a good win! they are a tough team and we overcame the tagging and the sports picks… everyone said we would lose… maybe that was enough to get those kids fired up to play hard and win no mater the cost

      digital processing is outrageously expensive! hahahaha that was my final selling point in converting to digital… don’t need any money to snap away then process…

      last season tina mentioned that we should come out there and coach… would be great fun!

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