May 172011

finally made it home… had a wonderful visit with mom & dad2… MS acted up a bit… I guess need to learn to start expecting that when my routine gets upset… well not upset but strays from what is normal from me… I got plenty of rest but things were just different than what coach & I are used to…

mom is well… I’m so incredibly proud of her!

took a few pictures…nothing amazingly brilliant or anything… I have started noticing patterns EVERYWHERE! things I can use in my “art”… found some new pens to try out too… we went to walmart just about every day I think… one of those trips I walked over to the pen isle to check it out… got me some fine point sharpies… they have a rubber barrel which is good for me and I also got some liquid graphite pencils… those things are the bomb! yes, I said “the bomb” ha!

I’ll post some tangle pictures tomorrow… I’m pooped out… here are a few of the pics I snapped for your viewing enjoyment….

the grandgirls are learning to text…. we were sending silly pictures back & forth today…
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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