Mar 012012

…. new damage….

thoracic region…. only news i got was that the results are abnormal…. an appointment was made for a discussion….


me thinks some decisions are in my immediate future…. fabulous

ok, so it is what it is

chin up….

we knew this was coming sooner or later



i will once again figure a way to wrap my head around this and continue to trudge forward just as i have for the past 18 months…. yep…. i will

not much else has changed but for some new buzzing, twitching, a bout of pain here and there… a bit more fatigue as the relapse is active… some interesting flopping around and spazoid type junk….


p.s.  it’s March 1st… no more google friend connect…. bastards

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  22 Responses to “the update….”

  1. praying for you sherri…if it’s any help, I have heard that spinal lesions heal more quickly than those in our brains.  go figure.  sending you lots of healing energy, woman.  take care of yourself.  

    •  thanks Erin! overall i’m doing all right… adjust to the new changes and trudge on forward…. that’s the best i can do…. hope you are doing well 🙂

  2. Prayers for you my friend, and a HUG!

  3. 🙁  just last nite i asked my sister if i’d ever told her how much i hate having MS!

  4. Sherri, I will move you to the top of my prayer list. I was sorry to see you go as a follower with the whole Google Friends thing. I have your RSS feed and am able to stay abreast of your blog in Google Reader God bless.

  5. Sherri, you continue to be at the top of my prayer list. I think about your courage in this whole situation and continue to be amazed. I pray that you continue to draw strength from your faith and the many people who love you.

    •  hi lillian! thank you for the prayers…. i know they work… better than the docs and the meds and all the other junk…. i’m so blessed to have you in my corner

  6. I would sell my soul to fix this for you.  My heart is hurting for what you keep having to go through.  Love you, dear friend.  All good prayers and thoughts coming your way, all I have to offer since I cannot be there by your side.

    • i so wish there was some way to fix this… but… oh well… it is what it is…. and i am fine…. a bit off kilter but that is only temporary…

      it is so wonderful to have you in my world 🙂

  7. I have never used GoogleReader, I just put your URL into the ADD a blog on my Blog. I get your comments thru your RSS comment thingy. So, no problemo.

    Hope your doc has some helpful news for you. Sorry about the progression. It sucks; Mine has progressed also, but that’s to be expected at 30+ years in.

    • i was having a conversation with jan the other day about all of this and your name came up 🙂 if a very nice way, and a envious sort of way i think…. we were talking about you “veterans” as opposed to us “newbies”…. i draw so much strength and courage from you…

      and i’m so happy that you are still here with me 🙂 all this friend connect, rss junk is such a mess

      •  Now you have gone and done it!  You let the cat out of the bag and now Webster knows she is amongst those I respect and admire their strength to keep keeping on LOL!

        •  oops! i gave you away! sorry!  (but somehow i think that webster was already in the know) 🙂

          •  If you guys knew what a slug I am, you might not think so highly of me. But I will agree, I am a tough cookie! MS takes strength of spirit to do what you can, and the strength to surrender the things you can no longer do. In other words: It sucks. LOL

  8. I am so sorry on both counts.
    Much more so for the MS caper, but no more google friend connect is an irritation you don’t need.
    If it would help to talk more privately, you have my email and I would be happy to hear from you.  Your call. 

    • oh thank you so much! i suspect that i will be sending you an email 🙂 it’s always so helpful to talk to folks and get different perspectives, opinions, etc….

      • Any time.  It is such a sucky beast but there are often ways round its manifestations.  For example:  I am no longer safe with knives (shaky hands).  I really, really wanted my pumpkin curry and there was no-one around to cut it up for me.  So I took said pumpkin outside and threw it at the deck.  It shattered quite nicely.  I always like that curry and it was particularly good that night.  (Helped my temper too).

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